Kemono x Robo's SF epic work "Sora Robo" officially announced, "Tail Concerto" cyber connect to the latest work

Game ". Hack" series which developed one big media mix such as animation and comics, and cyber connect to two who is doing graphic "NARUTO - Naruto narutimetto storm" as if the animation is slimy as it is "SolaroboWe officially announced.

The company's virgin work released in 1998 "Tail ConcertoIt is a sci-fi grand work of the 3-year project, 10 years, with a concept of a science fantasy scene in which a beast character (Kemono) and a robot that appears to recall "

The company's game software ".hack // G.U.I call the person who loves Kemono as "a chemoner".

Details are as below.
Solarobo Solar Robo

According to the official website of CyberConnect - 2, as the latest work packed with a lot of "feelings" and "know - how" that have been experienced in game software, cartoons, animation, novels etc. that have been involved for the past 15 years since the company was born It seems to release an action RPG "Sora Robo" for the Nintendo DS of 10 years of concept and 3 years of production in 2010.

"Sora Robo" is particularly stuck with expressions of pictures and world view such as illustration-like polygon demonstration "Motion Illustration Demo" which stitches two screens of Nintendo DS and "Perse map" stereoscopically expressing a precise world, It is a sci-fi grand work of sci-fi sci-fi put in a science fantasy world packed with scenarios where you can enjoy rich drama with laughter and tears and exhilarating actions.

An official website has already been opened, and the game screen and image board of the same work are released.
Solarobo Sora Robo - Then to CODA -

Screenshots look like this
Screenshot | Solarobo Sora Robo - Then to CODA -

Image board. Design is the company's designer and is in charge of the world design of ". Hack // G.U."Mr. Inugaruis.
Image Board | Solarobo Solar Rope - Then to CODA -

It is exactly the world view perfect for the phrase "Fantasy science world".

By the way, "Mamoru-kun" based on the company's virgin production Tale Concerto's world view is an image character of fire prevention, disaster prevention and safety in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Fukuoka Prefecture · Disaster Prevention Character Mamoru-kun | Cyber ​​Connect to Two

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