In future it is supposed to be 300 km / h, a backpack-type device "Jetlev Flyer" that injects water and can fly through the sky

I also introduced it before.We will deliver a movie showing the appearance of flying like running over the water at "Jetlev Flyer" which can enjoy a little flight by injecting water vigorously from a shoveled device like a rucksack. Because you need a hose to supply water,Equipment capable of free flight with a small rocketAlthough it can not enjoy the free flight as much as it is, it is a device that can enjoy individual flight on the relatively safe water than the ground.

Details are as below.
Home - Jetlev Flyer

This "Jetlev Flyer" made by 9 years of development,4 stroke engineFlying in the air realized. It has the function to fly humans weighing 40 to 120 kg to a height of 1.5 to 2 m. Depending on the weight and technique of the pilot, it can reach up to 10 meters in height and the maximum speed will be 65 km.

Low-altitude flight like running on water.
YouTube - JetLev Promo

You can move even if you face it.

The appearance of the device is also cool.

You can go up to this height by injecting water vertically.

Although it seems to be able to fly with intuitive control, operation at takeoff and landing is difficult, and practice is necessary.

A movie that Ryan Stock of Stuntman and AmberLynn challenge. I also have a helmet.
YouTube - Ryan Stock & AmberLynn Test The JetLev Flyer

The price is 215 horsepower version 11 thousand euro (about 14 million yen), 255 hp version is 129 thousand euros (about 15.6 million yen). A special application that can speed up to 300 km / hour or move even underwater is currently being developed.

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