Scenery with a different angle can be seen depending on the viewing position December painting art

It is a movie of art that can enjoy the changing landscape by moving the viewpoint. The picture changes depending on the viewing angle using two or more images like a magazine of a child's magazineLenticularIt is a different trick art, and it is a work that understands wonders by seeing while moving.

Details are as below.
It is a landscape art like a library, looking from the front like this. There is a movie on the link destination.
Paradoxymoron on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Going to the right side is like this.

A thing that copied the same art as the image above.

Move to the left side.

From the side you can see the seed of the trick.

It is not a painting drawn on a plane, but it is an uneven art that protrudes towards this side.

This was exhibited in the basement of the National Library in London and was made by artist Patrick Hughes. From the official website below you can see various works made so far.

Due to the nature of the work, it is hard to understand how great it is in photography, but you can also see some works from YouTube.
YouTube - A Patrick Hughes Reverspective Painting

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