EMobile expanded the area, available at all Tokyo Metro stations


EMOBILE announced today that the company's telecommunications service is now available at all stations on all Tokyo metro lines.

Compared to other companies, e-Mobile with an image that is absolutely vulnerable to the underground, but it seems that we are steadily promoting area development since the service started on March 31, 2007.

Also, on the official page of the company we are accepting requests for improvement of service area.

Details are as below.
Press Release | Tokyo Metro Total 9 Routes · Completed areaization of all stations | e · Mobile Co., Ltd. | Corporate information

According to this release, EMOBILE expanded its "EMOBILE communication service" area from 1 February to 19 February 2010, and the subway station of 15 subway lines of Tokyo subway company (Tokyo Metro) It seems to make it available for use.

List of stations that became newly available. Tokyo Metro Tozai Line (Ochiai Station, Takadanobaba Station, Waseda Station, Kagurazaka Station, Iidabashi Station, Kudanshita Station), Yurakucho Line (Edogawabashi Station, Iidabashi Station, Ichigaya Station, Kojimachi Station), Hanzomon Line (Hanzomon Station, Kudanshita Station , Jimbocho Station), Namboku Line (Ichigaya Station, Iidabashi Station).

In addition, following the expansion of this area, it is said that the areaization of all 9 routes and all stations in Tokyo Metro has been completed as planned, and in order to make the service more convenient and comfortable in the future, the area of ​​subway stations nationwide We are planning to advance the construction of the base station to complete the conversion.

By the way, the official page of the company accepts requests for improvement of service area, and if there is a place hard to connect, you can request improvement from the following page.

Please let me hear your voice aiming for more connected eMobile

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