No admission for children under 18 years old, A picture of the adult zone of Wonder Festival 2010 [Winter]

Although it was a Wonder Festival that had not dared to establish regulations for free creative activities, a zone for adults was established from last time due to social situations and an increase in the number of participation. This time as well, the dealer which also can not enter the age 18 or under and also includes one exhibit designated by an adult is here.

So, what kind of things were there? We will introduce the state of adult zone including adult-designated one and those not adult.

Details are as below.People under the age of 18 are cautioned by browsing.
There was also a security guard at the entrance this time, so that each person had to check items that proved to be over the age of 19, and it was not to enter.

"Precious" booth,HYPERWEAPON"GEO".

"PLASTIC GARDEN"of"Formwa · Asuka · Langley test suit Ver". Selling price 8000 yen.

"GS Project EX"Yaokuji temple".

It was a specification that seemed to be lost or looked like to stop at some point of view.

"Cat's Opinion" of "Takamachi Nanoha Barrier Jacket Edition".

The production of the background was done with the digital photo frame.

This was also the production of a digital background The cat's omnibus "Remilia Scarlet". The selling price is 10,000 yen.

Likewise, a cat's omnibus "M". Selling price 9000 yen.

"IWGK & nico-labo compartmentMegurine Luka of. The selling price is 4000 yen.

Also in IWGK's "elementary body H (1) [half body image element]". 4000 yen.

"TakemitsuMegurine Luka of.

"Diskvision"ofZhao Yunzi Dragon Eye Open Version.

Next-generation pain cars playing on exhibits that were placed on the desk of "Baume shop".

"Log House"Purpuri-chan 7". 5000 Yen.

"Purpuri-chan 4". 5000 Yen.

Also Log House's "Rinkame 3 Grade Magic Poka-kun" Ring, 8000 yen.

"Usagi P House" 's "Ayanami Rey Bunny Girl ver". There are two colors, black and white, each of 10,500 yen.

"Formula Wave · Asuka · Langley TEST Plug Suit". Selling price 9500 yen.

"Soryu · Asuka · Langley Bondage · Plug Suit?". Selling price 9000 yen.

"Rei Ayanami Bondage Plug Suit?". Selling price 9000 yen.

"Sugar Wotome"of"Fate · T · Hara Ao".

"Do not go wrong."of"Kamininagi / Ryoko". The selling price is 10000 yen.

"Sleepy (Amen) Gareki no Bashi"Ayanami Rei plug suit". The selling price is 10,000 yen.

"MR.Surprise"of"Kanu Universe 2020". Selling price 9000 yen.

"Ryomo Akira Gothic Lolita Ver.". Selling price 9000 yen.

Ys of "Korova Milk Bar".

Also "Kotoda in Dance Lesson" by Korova Milk Bar

"S-MIST R"of"1/5 Akiyama Mio (Swimwear Ver.)". The selling price is 10,000 yen.

"A-LABEL"of"Magic alloy Rwf - 9a Arrow · Head (R - TYPE TACTICS)". It is scheduled to be released in April 2010, and the price is 9800 yen.

Standard base and 2 bits are attached to the exclusive base.

Reference Exhibition "Magic alloy Rwf - 9a bk Arrow · Head bk".

Also reference exhibit "Magic alloy Rwf - 9a Arrow · Head Red (Tentative)".

"A-LABEL"It was put on the table of"Rare equestrian store". In comic market 76It was deemed inappropriate to make crotch and received suspension of saleThat seems, this time it seems to be OK.
"Super nurse Milky way Hotaru-chan". Doujinshi with a figure is 7500 yen.

"Super nurse Pain Killer Black Kotone chan." Doujinshi with 7500 yen.

"NIGHT-BLUE"of"Mr. Yuuto 's "SWEET BODY" Girls P 4 - 5".

"Vispo"Raquel Gothic & Lolita".

2010/2/10 2010 12:35 Correction
The rare equestrian figures could not be exhibited because it was a comic market instead of a wonder festival, so I fixed it.

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