Movie to test how hard the Famicom cassette overseas is sturdy

It is Nintendo of North America and Europe versionNES (Nintendo Entertainment System)A movie that is experimenting how long it is durable by immersing the cassette in alcohol or freezing it in a freezer.

Compared to the optical media currently being mainstream, the cassette in which the insertion part of the base is visible is likely to be strongly influenced from the outside, but it shows unexpected durability.

Details are as below.
Rinry Game Game How Tough are NES Games

The experiment started from 1/50 seconds. At first, immerse the cassette in alcohol.
YouTube - How Tough are NES Games?

I dried it and inserted it in the main unit, it started safely.

Investigate the durability by putting it in the washing machine. Detergent is also included.

It also started without problems.

Freezing experiment in freezer.

Successful launch.

Experiment to leave outside. Snow is falling along the way.

Although it is a little unstable, it succeeded successfully after this.

Experiment to drill a hole.

Indeed Kore was not in a state to play properly. However, it is awesome to say that it is running for a while.

Endurance experiment using fireworks.

It started without any problem.

Falling experiment from altitude. The case is broken, but it is inserted in the main body as it is.

If it is Sparankar it is definitely dead, but the game has been successfully launched.

Experiment with a car.

I had trouble inserting the cassette, but it started up properly.

So, it is the result that it will succeed in most durability experiments. Like the Japanese Famicom, as long as it is used for a long time, there are problems such as connection with the main unit going wrong, but the cassette itself seems to be able to start even in a very bad situation.

By the way, the creator of this movie idle this experimentHarunana AnnoMr. Haruna Anno said that he was going to be inspired and durability experiments of Super Famicom cassettes are being done on Haruna Anno's blog.

Anno Haruna's daily life. Haruna's laboratory second hour

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