In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Nissin founder's birth, selling chicken noodles in a bag of 35 yen at that time

Invented the world's first instant noodle "chicken ramen" who is the founder of Nissin FoodsMomofuku AndoTo celebrate Mr.'s 100th birthday, we chicken ramen "Chicken noodles birth memorial package"It is 35 yen per meal and it will be sold nationwide from March 1.

Also, in addition to being sold at 100 yen (tax included) per cup noodle hundred year anniversary package, the birth hundred year anniversary commemorative product is said to be released.

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According to the news release, in commemoration of the 100th birthday of Mr. Momofuku Ando inventing instant noodles as the founder of Nissin Foods and the world's first instant noodles, we will introduce chicken noodles and cup noodles, our main products, to Mr. Momofuku Ando's Chicken Ramen will be priced at 35 yen (tax included), Cup noodle will be 100 yen (tax included) at the original sale price from March 1st as "Cup noodle birth memorial package" containing illustration. It is said to sell.

In addition, the commodity that commemorates 100th birth anniversary "Momofuku longevity noodle chicken salted ramen" "Momofuku longevity noodle duck soba" will also be sold. In this Momofuku longevity noodles, one hundred cm somen is used due to Mr. Hundred Fuku's longevity, and the ingredients seem to have entrance containing the letters of "Fuku" with auspicious words.

"Chicken noodles birth memorial package"

"Chicken Ramen Birthday Memorial Package 5-Pack"

"Cup noodle birth memorial package"

"Momofuku longevity noodle chicken with salt ramen"

"Momofuku longevity noodle duck soba"

Considering that it is sold at about 298 yen (about 60 yen per meal) at a discount shop such as Don Quijote and a supermarket when it is cheap to enter 5 packs, selling it at a price much lower than that Is not it a very drastic campaign?

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