An environment-friendly mobile phone concept model that moves in cola, emerged from NOKIA

The battery of the current mobile phone is expensive, consumes valuable resources for manufacturing, it is hard to say that it is "environmentally friendly" requiring cost and technology for disposal after disposal.

So, the Chinese designerDaizi ZhengMs. Finnish mobile phone manufacturerNOKIAThe concept model of the mobile phone designed for the purpose is to use a bio battery, a user pours a soft drink such as a cola into a tank and replace it when the battery runs out. Although the concept is also interesting, it has become a unique and sophisticated design that makes you want to use it by all means.

Details are as below.Dezeen »Blog Archive» Eco-friendly phone for Nokia by Daizi Zheng

enzymeUsingcarbohydrateThe concept of using a bio battery to generate electricity from. There is no need for charging, just put cool drinks such as cola containing much sugar, so it is safe even if the batteries run out on the go.

How to use is really easy. Remove the cap ... ....

Pour a cola ... ....

Close the cap. This work seems to be rather fun and I want to try it once.

NOKIA 's logo is on the back of the tank. In bio batteries, enzymes are used as catalysts, and electricity is generated from carbohydrates (currently sugar only). The product obtained by the reaction is water and oxygen, it does not emit toxic substances and compared with mobile phones that charge with electricity generated by ordinary thermal power generation etc.Carbon footprintIt is likely to be low.

It may be good to sink into the sink after use or to use for watering plants.

In the future, bio-batteries are common in one charge (exchange of liquid)Lithium batteryIt seems that there is a possibility of obtaining life three to four times of life. Also, it is fully biodegradable. Because you can use a refreshing drink other than Coke, if you choose by color according to your mood, you may be able to enjoy it like a "dress up mobile".

This NOKIA bio battery mobile phone, unfortunately the current stage is still in the concept stage, but it is a place where commercialization is expected.

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