A cat that was very firm that earn his own food expenses by himself

Previously, at GIGAZINERussian street dog commuting on a trainWe talked about, but in Russia's neighboring country Belarus it seems that there are quite solid cats earning their own fee on their own.

Details are below.
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This is a problem cat. "The money to buy flesh and fish is necessary, it is written to you the grace of God" on the paper placed before.

I wonder if people will gather in that way ... ... It is a great success.

I sit still in the place and I will neglect the guard.

The owner of this cat. Although it was nice to have helped the cat get almost killed, because he had already kept other animals, he seems to have been in a situation where he can not afford a fee. So I came up with thinking that I could earn myself.

Even so, it seems that he earns enough to overflow from a pretty big dish ... ...Cat sleeping for the while the owner is outIt seems that it contributes considerably to households than it is.

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