"Toyaru Sakura's image generation (generator)" which easily generates a logo image like "Toaru Majutsu no Index"

The animated cartoons and logo of cartoons are characterized by the characteristic things that they understand at the moment they are seen, but sometimes you want to play with replacing that word. However, it will be quite troublesome to make it by yourself, resembling the size, color and font of the logo, so it is not something you can play very easily.

It is "creation of images of Takaru Sakura" that solves such troubles. Popular light novel that was also animatedToaru Magical IndexIt's easy to generate a logo that looks exactly like. The color also includes the blue logo of "A Certain Magical Index"To Aru Kagaku no Railgun"You can choose the red logo, it feels very nice.

Details are as below.
Creating images of a cherry tree

The way to make is easy, "and" and "" are fixed, just enter the words in between, decide whether the logo is vertical or horizontal, decide whether the color is red or blue, just create it.

It is like this when making it in blank.

"A certain wise men's collapse time (lost clock)".Hyper Sorcerer TimeIt seems to be pointing to.

"Flowering in a certain Saki ridge (Lincyan Kaiho)", "Saki -"Than. The name put in the first frame is a bit unnatural if it is one character.

This is made of scientific color. "Two mourning days of a mourning man (Christmas)".

"Translator of some language (compiler)"

By the way, the original logo looks like this.

I made it.Sakura InternetPresident and Representative Director, Kunihiro Tanaka. The blog posts the creation of the creation.

A cherry tree image generation (generator) (Sakura Internet establishment diary)

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