A boy with special genetic formation that can not eat anything

I think that some people have experienced experiencing vomiting trying to forcibly pack foods when nausea and stomach are leaning due to poor physical condition, but genes that can not always eat anything There seem to be a boy with formation.

The boy can not swallow liquid like milk, it is difficult to supply nutrition by himself alone.

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The boy who can not eat food | The Sun | News

According to this article, in Tyne and Wear State in the northeastern United KingdomSunderlandKeaton Foale (5 years old) living in Japan has very rare genetic formation with only one in 135 million people, "Congenital Disorder Glycosylation Type Two", the stomach It seems that it is becoming a unique constitution that rejects all the foods trying to enter into. Also, because it causes internal bleeding on a regular basis, it is said that it will lose a lot of blood in one year.

Keaton you were found to be a congenital disease type 2 glycosylation type 2 at the age of 3 months old and began to lose weight suddenly so injecting food through the tube from the nose or in liquid form like milk Although it seems that they tried to give it, it has become clear that it has a special gene formation as a result of detailed examination because it all spits out and enters the lungs. He suffered from jaundice, anemia, epidemic diseases, etc. until 1 year after birth, and also received laser surgery so as not to become blind.

This is Keaton Foale

Currently, it seems that you have to do a meal that takes 50 minutes per day, four times a day, by putting a special tube in the stomach and pouring special nutritious milk. Because it is a problem of genetic formation, treatment in modern medicine is said to be difficult, Keaton said that you must keep on fighting for the life with type 2 carcinogenesis congenital disease type 2.

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