Movie that girls losing a girl drinks hot spicy sauce

"It is impossible for a boyfriend, but I can drink," a girls losing and telling languish is a movie that drinks a spicy pepper sauce at will. I am challenging to take benefits by drinking all of them, but is it really that she can drink it?

The movie is from the following.
Explaining that you can buy dinner when you drink everything. I feel like it is a privilege not to be harsh.

start. I am drinking vigorously at first.

It seems like pain is still hard, but I am doing my best.

Still I will continue to drink. It seems to be difficult to drink because the source's mouth is small.

Finally drinking pepper sauce at last

However, it seems that the rest has dropped a bit.

Since I have not drunk all of it, this promise is said to be invalid and this expression. I'm curious what happened after this, but it certainly is not that I can get mad at this.

Click here for the movie playback.
Everybody love a hot chick doing something strange, right? Video

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