Economists compare gender and women's values ​​and losses such as marriage and divorce

There are many serious events in a long life such as marriage / divorce / childbirthing, but it is said that Australian scholars converted the value and loss of each event by gender.

As a result, it turned out that there was a considerable difference between men and women.

Details are from the following.
Cost of happiness discovered by Australian economist - Telegraph

According to this article, Professor Paul Frijters of the Queensland Institute of Technology in Australia has surveyed the satisfaction level of 0 to 10 for serious events of life such as marriage and divorce targeting 10,000 people from 2001, Separately, it seems that we converted the value and loss of each event.

As a result, it was found that there was a considerable difference between male and female, and the loss at the time of losing was greater than the profit when something was obtained.

The following is the value / loss by gender summarized by Professor Paul Frijters.

marriageMale: +1 million 7675 lbs (about 2.6 million yen) Women: +8726 pounds (about 1.3 million yen)
birthMale: +18,236 pounds (about 2.73 million yen) Women: +4866 pounds (about 730,000 yen)
divorceMale: -6 million 1116 pounds (about 916 million yen) Women: -4977 pounds (about 740,000 yen)
Death of a loved one (such as a family member)Male: -35830 pounds (about 52.59 million yen) Women: -70, 3204 pounds (about 11 million yen)
Illness (serious illness)Male: - 20, 1264 pounds (about 3017 million yen) Women: -2,8124 (about 4.21 million yen)
movingMale: -8947 pounds (about 1.34 million yen) Women: +1453 pounds (about 220,000 yen)

Looking at this figure, men look like high risk · high return, but it seems that it can be said that they are somehow inclined to the man's line of sight.

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