Free-slow victory method of basketball teaching by aerospace engineers

The basketball free throw tends to be neglected because of the relatively low score, relative to football and rugby penalty kicks, etc, but it is also an element that determines the victory or defeat if the game time is low.

North Carolina State UniversityOf engineers will calculate the winning method of free throw and practice this methodShaquille O'Neal(The weakness of free throw and the success rate of free throws in the NBA regular season exceeded 60% per year is only once in the 17-year career, the success rate through the career is over 50%) also accounts for 60% of the walls I'm grateful that it is possible to cross over. What kind of method is it?

Details are as below.Nothing But Net: The Physics Of Basketball Free Throws

Dr. Chau Tran and Dr. Larry Silverberg, majoring in mechanical engineering and aerospace engineering at North Carolina State University, says, "To definitely decide free throws, we need to release the ball from the hand under the best conditions." It seems that the paper co-authored by the two persons is undergoing a thesis review.

In the research, we simulated hundreds of thousands of free throw orbits of basketball three-dimensionally with computers, and Dr. Tran and Silverberg reached an important "knack" for free throw progression.

■ When releasing the ball, put back spin of 3 hertz (3 cycles per second).This will make the ball three turns before reaching the hoop. The reverse rotation kills the momentum when the ball bounced off the rim or the backboard and increases the probability of being sucked into the net.

■ The aiming place is to aim at leaving a gap of less than 5 cm between the rim and the ball on the inner side of the rim.The simulation says that if you try to pass through the center of the hoop, the success rate seems to drop near 3%.

■ The ball should be released from the horizontal at an angle of 52 ° upward.People who do not carry a protractor, please use the angle that the highest point of the ball drawn is lower than the top edge of the backboard by less than 5 cm.

■ Ideal position as far as possible in the range where balls are released from hand, so far as the stability of the shoot is not adversely affected.To release with smooth body motion giving the ball a stable initial velocity on the line connecting the player and the basket.

"Our advice may be to let the lowest free throw shooter cross the wall of a free throw success rate of 60%.Shaquille O'NealIntoBen WallaceAre you listening? "Dr. Silverberg is jokingly talking. "With a little physics and lots of exercises, anyone can improve free throws."

In the study, the height of the shooter is 6.6 feet (about 2 m), the position to release the ball is 6 inches above the head (7 ft. On the ground, about 7 m above the ground), using a ball for men (a little heavier than the ball used in the female game) It was calculated as being 212 cm).

The free throw line is 15 feet from the backboard, the height of the hoop is 10 feet from the ground, the diameter of the hoop is 18 inches, the diameter of the ball is 9 inches (23 cm) )is. Although you may feel that the hoop looks smaller, in practice you may find it easier for you to enter a psychologically little if you know that the diameter of the hoop is twice the diameter of the ball.

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