"Jackson vs Bean" where Michael Jackson and Mr. Bean play a fierce dance showdown

A movie in which old and new movie hero who introduced earlier in GIGAZINE crashes "Bruce Lee vs Iron Man"Patrick Boivin who produced the latest work of stop, motion animation using figures has appeared.

Next time, what is known as "King of Pop" by a different nameMichael jackson, But familiar with British television series and comedy moviesMr. BeanI am fighting a fierce dance battle.

The movie which reproduced the moon walk and the robot dance splendidly is from the following.Jackson vs Bean on Vimeo

Michael picking up a hat.

Of course on the left handThat glove.

Music is not a copyright relationship or a Michael songDJ 4 JoyAlthough the song "Cause Is The Way" is used, dance is basically "Billie JeanIt seems to be one of "things".

A scooter with a license plate called "WHO'S BAD?"

It was Mr. Bean that appeared across Vespa.

Mr. Bean turns round like to spin around Michael.

Somehow disturbing air drifts.

When Michael shows a moon walk ......

Come back with the scooter with your feet and respond.

High kick.

Bean that imitates this as well. It seems that he was also picking up a hat that Michael threw.

"How about this," Michael fascinated with robot dance.

Bean that laughs unfaithfully by looking at it. It is strange that it seems that the expression is moving though it is a doll.

Transform the scooter into a robot and resist the robot dance. It is also like Iron Man.

Michael who reached his limit of patience ... ...

Machine that I saw somewhereBoarding.

A fierce battle will be fought ... ....

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