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Sharp isRyuta SatoWhenAsami MizukawaTo distribute its company's "plasma cluster technology" and CM related products,It seems that the world has demonstrated for the first time that it suppresses the infectivity of the "new H1N1 influenza virus (H1N1 influenza)" in which high concentration plasma cluster ions are attached and floating.

This was demonstrated in an experiment conducted in collaboration with Retro Screen Vylology Corporation established by Professor John Oxford of the University of London, and suppressed 99.9% of the new virus attached with plasma cluster ions in 2 hours, floating It was found that it suppressed 95% of new viruses in 40 minutes.

It seems that further progress of plasma cluster technology is expected in the future and it seems to be a strong side for influenza prevention.

So, tomorrowCulture DayClosed on, the next headline isNovember 4. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on November 4, one year ago.

"I can not force the iPhone!" Kimiko Mori criticizes iPhone 3G for high tension and aggressive - GIGAZINE

A picture showing the difference in how to work one week depending on age - GIGAZINE

Shock pictures capturing the moment a snake swallows a parrot at a general private house - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
My Best Masquerade @ Hatena Kyoto Office - Kurisushi(Halloween, various from the super force to the easy dressing)

Learn with data! Teaching material site for statistics utilization lessons(It is convenient to have beautiful data when studying education and analytical methods)

If a man is older than a woman by 5 years or older, the couple divorce rate will be reduced to 1/6 than the average - Men's Chiso(Love, if a woman has a higher academic background than a man, the divorce rate further decreases)

Modern Perl description method list + α - Introduction to Perl ~ Introduction to Perl by sample code ~(IT, flexible Perl with various idioms but there is a basic writing style)

From Hokkaido! "Moe Pudding" Nishimata Ao original girl illustration Milky Gold 【Super rich smooth pudding】 - SEIKADO | Oshikudo Online Shop(We are looking for names of two foods and mascot characters)

How to cut glass with scissors. Abyssal Tools(Technology,GIGAZINE has also been posted in April 2007But you can cut the glass with scissors in a fairly simple way)

Bridgestone Corporation | About F1 tire supply(Motor sports, after withdrawing Michelin, F1's tire is Bridgestone'sOne MakeupPolicy that will not make a new contract after the expiration of the contract in 2010)

Makoto Biz. ID: 3 minutes LifeHacking: "Prevent accidental closing without saving the file!"(Software "Fine save" which can push the "No (N)" button of preservation confirmation, and can stepping one step before pushing)

Bridgestone withdrew from F1 With deteriorating business environment - MSN Sankei News(F1,Officially announced in press release, F1 withdrawal of various companies in succession)

Oshio responded to suspended execution 5 years judgment Unusual length "Explanation unnatural, hard to trust" (1 / 2page) - MSN Sankei News(There is also the possibility of being re-arrested on suspicion of judgment, abandonment of guardian of death women)

Osaka · Izumisano City One cigarette vending machine Tax revenue of 1.5 billion yen a contractor 150 million yen incentive money - MSN Sankei News(It is supposed that there was a tax revenue of 1.5 billion for one unit because the documents were operated as if ordered from a vending machine with only one tobacco sold in mass in the society and pachinko parlor in the city)

Does the retail PB boom continue? : Nikkei Business Online(There is a history that economy, PB (private brand) has become boom several times so far, but when the price difference between NB (national brand) and PB becomes 20% or less the return to NB will begin)

NHK Creative Library(If you follow the terms of use, such as net service, offering more than 1000 NHK picture materials, free credits only for non-profit purposes, secondary use such as creating and publishing works using materials is also possible)

Whose is the weather forecast? Japan Meteorological Agency VS. Weathernews Battle's End (1/2) - ITmedia News(It is contested as to whether or not typhoon landing information will be included in "memo," Information to be kept within the scope of commentary on information of Japan Meteorological Agency ")

"PlayStation 2" 9 years since the US sale - Exploring the secret of longevity: Special Report - CNET Japan(Many people think that it is not worth paying hundreds of dollars for games, state-of-the-art processing abilities, many people continue to use PS 2 because of the high quality of PS 2 software)

Seiji Tale of Genji, a sequel to the phantom "Nest Secret Book" ... ... Confirmation of Manuscript: Culture: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Although the theory that another person wrote after culture of purple Kibium was strong, it could be valuable material to explore the transition of the Tale of Genji)

Aya Hirano of voice actor is chosen as "Beautiful women who represent Japan": 【2ch】 New speed VIP blog (`· ω · ')(Memo, while models and idol 's face lined up, popular voice actors have names)

Otome goes: Can you bake the fish at the range? I tried grilling salmon and saury on "Fish Baked Pack" - ITmedia News(Food, Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's "Chillin and fish baked packProduct review)

What is Waota, the first nickname attached by Arikichi? Blowing speed - VIP(Memo, misono's "erotic indecency", Becky's "spiritual selling" etc.)

I have not been to a long time since: ken's blog - Shimura Ken's Official Blog(Entertainment, Masashi Tashiro is touched on)

Men's competition for 25,000 yen Men's underwear "Samurai Pants" to come out! - Tokyo Walker(Memo, country selection Awa indigo manufacturing intangible cultural property, current masterpieces · 19th generation Ai teacher Akito Sato and Yanno Aikihide et al.

I can not ask now, but I want to hear the basic knowledge of terrestrial digital - [TV] All About(You will see painful eyes if you do not check if you can receive TV properly)

Cute shooting of cats - [Movie shooting / Movie editing] All About(Although there are no pictures, special techniques, there seems to be some points)

Sony updated its highs at the beginning of the year - at the center of the market again backed by upward revision: Column - CNET Japan(It is confirmed that economic improvement and profit improvement are progressing steadily)

"Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker" Delivers the latest trial version! It is! - Famitsu.com(Game, a new mission "rush into mountain facilities" was also added, after improving the contents of the previous "unexperienced deterrent version")

Business Media Makoto: Thinking about the tomorrow of publishing & newspaper business: From DVD to brand bag ...... Reason why more magazines with appendices are added (2/7)(There are also magazines that have become a tremendous volume thanks to notes, appendices)

【Eye of Earthworm】 Ear muffler that you can listen to music "Musi Phone" - japan.internet.com E-commerce(Gadget, cold and headphones with one stone two bird products)

Girls attention! Ikemen men told the time "Bishoujo watch" appeared: RBB NAVi (broadband content search service)(Internet service, teach the current time with 1440 photos of 360 people)

Gundam Bars: Night Night Fans Let's Discuss Hana Kobe - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Food, name of store is "Axis")

Greenpeace "Eco-friendly maker" 1st place is Nokia's lowest place Nintendo - ITmedia News(Memo, Nintendo has been the lowest since it first appeared)

When you look at a hearse, it is Naze to hide your thumbs? Origin of "superstition" and "legend" that are also transmitted to the present age | Trend news | Deliver daily information on topics and topics!(Memo, various superstitions that I've heard, such as 'Friday the 13th' and 'Whistle of the Night')

Monthly Labor Survey of September Monthly Bonus Decline Rate Summer Summer - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)(Society, 52% decrease in mining where the rate of decrease was the largest)

Rakuten: New coach Mr. Brown Director Hiroshima - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Baseball, first foreign director of Rakuten)

"Consumer hotline" discontinuity 10%, system malfunction: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(There are many cases that can not be used, for example, when using society, PHS or a specific IP phone)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): more than 20 self-destructed bike deaths near Pakistan hotel - international(Overseas, local police officials said that there is a high possibility of suicide bombing)

【Launch 15: 40】 Experiment to make a particular horse won the emperor prize with a spirit wave of VIPPER thread: Hamster bulletin(Horse racing, the result of the cautionary wave being sent ......)

If you set the iPhone packet communication fee only as basic charge, both SOFTBANK and I will be happy! Is it? This is the 2nd this! How to use iPhone with Wi-Fi only! [IPhone] [net] - No Second Life(Trying to reduce packet communication charges by forcibly blocking mobile, 3G communication)

Is not it Kuranan chan? ... Not accepted the name, to the Supreme Court: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(I named it from the name, "I shine if I literally shine glasses too", but "Glass" was not accepted because it is not a kanji for personal names)

Sports viewer talker - Fumo Humo Column: The case where Kihara / Shinjo special commentary in the second round of the Japanese series was too free.(Baseball, live comics that seems more interesting than the game itself, will we see this combination in the future?)

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