Of the products commonly prevailing in Japan, six things hard to understand by Americans

There are differences in things like those in foreign countries and Japan, such as highly functional mobile phones that have evolved their own so much as "Galapagos", but among the products that are popular in Japan, There seems to be some things that people can not understand.

It is very interesting content because we can know the difference between culture of Japan and the United States briefly.

Details are as below.
6 gadgets Japan loves (and the U.S. rejected) | DVICE

According to this article, among the products commonly popular in Japan, Americans seem to be hard to understand the following six.

1. Massage chair

Although it is a massage chair that many people see at home appliance mass merchandisers and the like, it is only a chair that makes Americans uneasy because it has raised the sound because it got grabbed tightly to grasp the body tightly to do massage That's right.

2. Slim mobile phone

When walking in the city area of ​​Tokyo, it seems that there were many people who have unnecessarily long mobile phones. Their mobile phones were long enough to exceed the length that would be appropriate during the call.

In addition, regarding "slim mobile phone", Motorola's folding type mobile phone released in 2007 "KRZRAs an example, apparently it is not a main stream straight type overseas, but seems to be uncomfortable with the fact that folding type mobile phones are overwhelmingly popular.

3.Blu-ray recorder

Although it is a Blu - ray recorder that is finally getting popular in Japan, in the United States, demand from playback - only players since the DVD era is high, demand for recorder is low. Also, it is said that recording on a PC before mainstreaming the transition to Blu-ray became mainstream.

4. Sitting shower

In Japan, when you enter a bathroom or public bath, you sit in a chair and take a shower, but he seems not to use such a shower in America. Also, in the United States, public baths are not major, and sitting shower is basically used for older people and people with disabilities.

5. Small mobile personal computer

In the Japanese market, netbooks with less than 10-inch liquid crystal display, such as ASUS's "EeePC" and Acer's "Aspire One", are sweeping the market and Sharp is the other daySmall Internet device with 5 inch liquid crystal display "Netwalker (Net Walker)"Although it launched, it seems that these displays are too compact in sense of Americans.

6. Warm water flush toilet seat (shower toilet)

It is now a shower toilet that has come to be seen here and there, but it is almost not popular in the USA, and many Americans who visited Japan seem to be surprised that the toilet seat is warm and the washing function is installed.

In the following links, shower toilets are introduced as "amazing (amazing, wonderful)" with animation.

YouTube - japanese amazing clean toilet & amp; bidet

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