A lizard similar to Spider-Man is extremely popular with comic fans


This lizard with bright red limbs on its red head and torso is born with this color naturally, even though it was painted, this individual alone is not special. It seems that Amekomi Fans · which realized that the characteristic color of this lizard is exactly like Spider-Man · and popular as a pet among reptile fans.

Details are as below.Spider-Man lookalike lizard is latest exotic pet craze - Telegraph

This lizard of spider-man like coloring called so-called "Spider-Lizard"Black Africa(South of the Sahara desert)Subfamily of AgaminaAgama genusAgama mwanzaeIt is a kind of lizard.

Male is a vivid red or purple color over head, neck and shoulder, and blue other than that (dark legs, tail, belly etc) is dark blue. It seems to change brown at night or frightened.

The female is brown, so it seems difficult to distinguish it from the female of other lizard of the agama family.

Agama mwanzae which grows to about 30 cm in length grows quietly as a pet-oriented person who is quietly minded by people, but temperature management is essential as it is vulnerable to cold, and foods are grasshoppers, crickets,Meal wormYaCaterpillar larvaIt is necessary to give the balance in a balanced manner, so a little hurd may be high for those who are not good at insects.

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