Urine proves to be comparable to chemical fertilizer

It is indispensable fertilizer in agriculture, but "Fertilizer"From the sanitary point of view there are parts that are hard to use for food, so chemically synthesized fertilizer has been said to be more efficient.

However, according to a team of researchers in Finland, it was found that fertilizer using human urine in cultivation of tomatoes is safe, taste and nutrient quantity are equal to that of chemical fertilizer and production quantity is comparable.

Details are below.
Sustainable fertilizer: Urine and wood ash produce large harvest

A group of researchers at Kuopio University in Finland collected human urine from 2007 to 2008, preserved for half a year at about 7 degrees Celsius, checked for the presence or absence of harmful microorganisms and bacteria, then mixed with the ash of the tree As fertilizer of tomatoes.

As a result, compared to tomatoes which did not use fertilizer 4.2 times, harvest of equivalent amount was obtained even compared with those using chemical fertilizer. There are also many advantageous aspects of the contained nutrients. In addition, in the taste test by 20 subjects, it seems that although there is a change in taste due to the difference in fertilizer, "every tomato is as delicious as the same".

Healthy human urine is rich in minerals essential for plants, such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphate. There is no worry of bacterial contamination unless it contains feces. Currently, research is progressing all over the world, and in South Africa it is said to have succeeded in application in maize.

Although it seems that it will take time to put it into practical use, researchers are trying to find a way to keep the harvest volume while preventing environmental contamination by chemical fertilizer.

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