An endangered species of lemur is eaten in Madagascar

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Madagascar island known for its unique evolutionary unique ecosystem. On this island with the fourth largest area in the world, 5% of all the world's plants and animals are distributed, 80% of which are endemic to Madagascar. It is a treasure trove of rare creatures and it can be said to be the last paradise for many endangered species.

But nowRepublic of MadagascarThen it broke out from January to March 2009Coup d'etatBecause political situation is in an unstable state as a result of illegal activities such as poaching trafficked, endangered speciesLemurIt is overfetched and it is said that it is being sold to restaurants as high-class ingredients.

Details are as below.Lemur poaching on the rise due to unrest in Madagascar: Scientific American Blog

The pillage of Madagascar - the International Community must act now - Conservation International

The political crisis of the Republic of Madagascar in early 2009, the change of government by non-democratic meansAfrican UnionSuspension of membership qualificationStop economic support from each countryLeading to the discontinuation of funds for nature conservation activities. As a result, illegal acts such as deforestation and capture and export of pet animals rampant, and furthermore it is up to the situation that lemurs are poached as edible, it is said that Nature conservation NPO headquartered in Washington, D.C.Conservation InternationalAnd partner local NPOFanambyI am reporting.

Approximately 100 lemurs living in Madagascar, including only subspecies, which are currently being confirmed, all of which are endemic species.IUCN Red ListSeven of them are described as "Critically Endangered", 19 are "Endangered" and 41 are described as "Threatened" (reference). It is said to be "endangered" in Red List as a species which is problematic as being poached for edibleGolden-crowned SifakaAnd "Vulnerable (urgent)" has been saidCrowned Lemur(Camphor tree lemur)Included.

Camphor lemur. It is distributed only in approximately 20,000 square kilometers at the northern end of Madagascar Island.

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Lemur submergedIndolidaeGolden-crowned Sifaka belonging to Shifaka. The habitat is only 5000 square kilometers at the northern end of Madagascar Island.

© CI / photo by Haroldo Castro

According to Lass Mittermeier, representative of Conservation Internatinal, in the Sava area in the northern part of Madagascar Island, it is said that poaching dominant lemurs were not seen in recent years thanks to large-scale protection efforts. "Poaching is the result of political catastrophe, as soon as the political situation becomes unstable, local criminal organizations come to fell the forests and take away whatever is gold.Inspiration of natural resources quickly "It is said that Mittemeyer, who was involved in the creation of Red List, is a global authority of lemurs.

Serge Rajaobelina of Fanamby says 15 people have been arrested since they sold poulteed lemurs so far. "Intermediary contracts the poacher as a thousand per one lemurAriari(About 50 yen), and sell it to local restaurants and markets at 8 thousand arias (about 400 yen) "

A lemur barbecue served as a fine food at Madagascar restaurant. (Mosaic can be removed by clicking)

© Fanamby / photo by Joel Narivony

This is all poached poultry lemur.

© Fanamby / photo by Joel Narivony

Conservation International calls the international community that it should resume support for nature conservation activities and development efforts to protect lemurs and stop wide-ranging environmental crimes. "The international community should now support people who are focusing on the conservation of wildlife in the region in order to protect this valuable resource worldwide, now should take action," Mittmayer said I called in my speech.

"Whenever these political problems arise, major donor funding will soon discontinue their support and consequently endanger poverty-stricken people and wildlife," Mittmayer said. "You should be able to apply political pressure by means other than censoring of money aid.If you discontinue aid it will hurt local people as well as NGOs working there."

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