The shrine maiden danced, I came under the bridge, caught fireworks, and got on the ship of the Tenshin fun boat going up

We had a chance to take a drink such as beer, shochu high, soft drink etc. which was chilled in ice water and the drinks were chilled and there were also lunch boxes and snacks etc, so we went.

The ship says something, Osaka 's "Osaka" which is counted as one of the three biggest festivals in Japan with the Kanda festival in Tokyo and the Gion festival in KyotoTenjin Festival"About 100 vessels cross the Okawa flowing in the center of Osaka city Climax,FunatoOne of the boats to participate in (Funogoto). As fireworks colored the night sky this time, we had the opportunity to ride one of those ships, so we decided to take a picture of the festival from the water.

The pictures of the scenery that feels like a festival are as follows. Common people can ride a company or a university's worship service. Depending on the ship, the price is about 2 to 30,000 yen, it seems that there are many cases where lottery is necessary for applying one or two months ago. This time we were given a ticket from an acquaintance who could not board a ship quickly so I was able to board the ship.

This is a ticket. It has meals and drinks.

The boarding area is near the Tenjinbashi. This time I headed off Temmabashi station.

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Because there is guidance of "Tenjin Festival" in the station premise, it is safe. Or, if you ride in the flow of people you will arrive at the venue with nature.

The ship starts at 17:30 and ends at 18:00. It was nearly the end of the hour as I was going to hurry, but I managed to get to the boarding shop while confronting the crowd.

I found "Ogikiko lecture (Omikiko)" to take this time.

I will continue on board one after another.

The contents of the bag prepared on the ship. I am a little worried about the existence of a raincoat. It was raining day and day in Osaka this day, is it prepared for the case where the night falls again ...?

A variety of appetizers.

The box lunch was from Hankyu department store.

Contents is like this. It is gorgeous.

There was a refrigerant under the umbrella. Egg roe was not sweet, it was delicious.

I tried to make drinks for Kansai limited barley tea. Other beer, shochu high, soft drinks, etc. Drinks that were soaked in ice water and chilled were placed in the aisle, and it was all you could drink.

The ship began to move.

First, I will pass through the Tenjinbashi.

I will sail about 7 km round trip about 2 hours. This is the Temmabashi station of Keihan Train.

I pass the ship one after another.

There were also some hand-held ships.

The ship where the child was coming.

A strong impact posterAlthough it is the topic "Mizu Osaka" something ... ...

This is a ship of "Water ~ っ ution! Osaka University". Other universities, such as Kansai University, were also shipping ships.

It seems that the water level was high this day.

I found a ship that raises smoke.

When I passed each other, my fever came.

It seems that the Kawasaki bridge where there was only one person was off limits. This time we went through seven bridges of Tenjinbashi, Tenmabashi, Kawasaki Bridge, Sakuramiya Bridge, Source Hachihashi, Miyoshima Bridge, and Fujyo Bridge except for the Railway Bridge.

Along the river where stalls are connected as far as you can see.

Because the stalls have appeared on all the parks on both banks of the river, it seems that the number of gathering stalls is one of the largest in the whole country.

I also made a mistake with a ship carrying out a shrine.

Two shrine maidens who pay the dance.

I have a bell on the right hand and a fan on the left.

It is cool in both eyes and ears.

Sakuradi Bridge

I was able to see various bridges from the angle where there is no chance to see it easily.

Is the grade higher in 'Earl' than 'Baron' after all?

Noh was performing in Noh ship.

Chicken noodles are on the ship of chicken noodles.

Line of JR Osaka cyclic line. The train was slowly riding above the bridge. Passengers waving their hands from the window.

Many people were waving to the ship from condominiums and hotels along the river.

Lower the lanterns and climb when the bridges pass through the low bridge.

This ship caught my eye with applause and clapping was happening.

A red Thai boat. When boats pass each other, they call out to the loudspeakers "Ogin's lecturers", "Chicken noodles everyone", etc. "Bring out your hands"Osaka tighteningto hold.

It's like an ale replacement. Clap with the applause and "Congratulations". At first, I was a bit perplexed by this "congratulations" greeting, but I was convinced that the festival was congratulatory.

Bon dancing was done on board.

Something terrible Saturnic bridge has come to light.

Its name is also Furoshi Bridge.

There were stalls around here as well.

The lights of street stalls on the surface of the water when it gets dark are also quirky.

The ship warming the fire gets dark and seems to stand out considerably even from a distance.

The character of "篝" of firefly.

This area is a passageway of an airplane descending to Itami airport, and the child was pleased because the airplane passes all the time.

The place around where I went for a while past the Flying Bridge was a turning point.

The return passes also with various boats.

In this ship it is difficult to go under the bridge ... ...

... I thought that it was a Bon dancing boat that passed by as earlier. It seems that they are traveling between Miyakoshima Bridge and Fujyo Bridge.

Fireworks was scheduled to start at 19 o'clock, but on this day the wind was strong and I was worried about ceasing. It started several ten minutes later.

Fireworks from the top of the ship are good but they may not be suitable for shooting because they shake.

We recommend movies for fireworks ship from the ship. In the case of photographs, with a short exposure time.

You also pass by the ship under the bridge.

Sakuradi Bridge It is quite low.

On this ship I played Japanese drums etc and it sounded pretty beneath the bridge.

It was actually reached that it was close enough that the hand could reach.

Light up is beautiful.

Fireworks were launched in two places, but here is the place of launch of the smaller one.

We were also able to watch skimpy fireworks and others.

A ship on which something like a mikoshi came. I prepare for passing through the bridge.

Looking back, we can see the fireworks.

The two shrine maidens continued dancing even when they passed the returning pass.

The fire is powerful at night.

I went through the Kawasaki Bridge and looked back. Fireworks were up in 2 places like this.

It goes down the Tenjinbashi and is a sipfield.

Tango. Summer is still to come, but the Tenjin festival is over.

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