Technology that can predict the occurrence of flood using mobile phone antenna tower appeared

Although it is a mobile phone that has become a necessity indispensable in daily life now, it is possible to predict the occurrence of flood which was difficult to predict by using the antenna tower for transmitting and receiving radio waves Technology seems to have appeared.

In Japan as well, there are areas where floods occur due to torrential rain and other areas, and in the urban areas too, there is a danger that underground roads will be submerged due to sudden heavy rain, and such technology may be very helpful in disaster prevention I do not.

Details are as below.
American Friends of Tel Aviv University: Hurricane Katrina: Phone Home

According to the official page of the University of Tel Aviv in Israel, the large hurricane attacking the southeastern United States of America at the end of August 2005Katrina"Although a large flood of unexpected scale occurred by anyone, it seems that the research team of the university has established a technology that can predict the occurrence of such floods.

This technology uses an antenna tower for transmitting and receiving radio waves of mobile phones, and by applying the attenuation of the microwave emitted from the antenna as the humidity in the atmosphere increases, the rainfall distribution around the antenna tower It makes it possible to measure accurately.

By accurately analyzing the measured rainfall distribution, we can accurately estimate the size of floods as well as whether flooding will occur or not.

In addition, the research team says that this technology can be quickly adopted because it can use the existing antenna hundreds of thousands of mobile phone antenna towers built in various places in the USA.

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