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As a result of questionnaire survey as to whether they had participated in Gokon, more than half of the people in their twenties answered "I have never participated", and among those who have experience participating, those who like gong conser Less than half,I found that among young people there is not much interest in GokonThat's right.

Then, when asked the man and woman in his 20's to 40's "What kind of people do you like with a gangbang?", There are many who answered "people who can be attentive" and "people who smile a lot", and also likes themselves The type seems to have been consistent with a type of person who can be easily attentive and who has many smiles in a group.

However, people who answered "I do not want to collaborate" with respect to the question "Do you want to get in touch with people who are at the same time as you?" Resulted in 80% or more of the people who answered that they met in Gongcom that " Many people "
It may be that the feeling that it is disgusting is appearing because there is worry while there is a type of preference.

So, next MondayJuly 13. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on July 13th one year ago.

Camper caught on the roof of ATM and catastrophic - GIGAZINE

Crazy rider fiddling with mobile phone lying on bike - GIGAZINE

A keeper that will succeed in defending the goal but will be subjected to major damage - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
"How to write a proposal" that is really effective though it has no body but "CAREERzine" (Career Jin) to support changing jobs in the IT & Web industry(It is important to consider work related art, planning documents as well as human relations)

Ben Melia ruins that became a model of the castle of the castle in the sky (Cambodia): a bizarre biological map of Calpire(Tourism, genuineness is not certain but certainly there is atmosphere)

"Scam Bra" release a new swimsuit! A gimmick destroying a man "utility model" - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(Fashion, how to show swimwear without wires and swimwear without wires)

【2ch】 neta channel m9 (゚ д ゚) Mr. Toriyama Akira's painting quality of Chiaki's portrait is bad(Note, quality that seems to understand who Toriyama Akira drew in one shot as well as knowing who it is at the eye)

Hospital Violence, Severity Relief Aki University Hospital Adopted Prefectural Police OB | PRESTO onWeb(Classify social, nosocomial violence according to degree and form manual corresponding to each stage)

Tricks to solve the slow iPhone YouTube. | Japanese style wind ◎(How to watch YouTube comfortably on iPhone using memo, wireless LAN function)

"I was threatened by a young head" and the chairman to the police SOS Okayama - MSN Sankei News(It is unusual for society, the chief to seek help from the police)

Japanese for three consecutive years "Best Tourist", Worst 1 French International News: AFPBB News(High evaluation in the item of memo, cleanliness · politeness · quietness · little complaints)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): arrested two-year old eldest son in trash box doubt died suspect parents - society(Incident, past several times, arrested for cruelty to eldest son)

Asahi Shimbun was caught? Report on the "toilet rice" on the 1st top! Society: ZAKZAK(Society, "Voice caught on a net hunger" also)

Osaka city bus driver, self staff at the cafeteria Vending machine: Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Society, "I did not know that it is not possible to install without permission")

Reduction of net utilization of low-income people ... Information communication white paper: economic news: money · economy: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Economy, monthly communication charges may be burden considerably)

Does Governor Togokihara qualify as a Diet member? | Hiroyuki Kishi's Creative Wealth of Nations | Diamond Online(Politics, Strict Opinions on Governor of Tonohara Miyazaki Prefecture)

I do not understand why Baystars likes it at all: Nikkei Business Online(Sports, fans soul that can not be talked only by reasoning)

J-CAST News: Drama sluggish, Dave is a phrase "Japanese actor acting heta, I do not have consciousness!"(There is also an objection that entertainment, Dave can not be evaluated only by acting)

Tortoise Matsumoto "Everyday, Tortoise": Thinking now(Entertainment, commenting on his own blog about dissolution of Uluruzu)

On the occasion of Pokemon Pakapaka Incident ... Ulla of Anime Production - Performing Arts: ZAKZAK(Anime, a producer, Azuma, Fukashi) wrote an apology for the Pokemon case)

Longevity limit by caloric restriction: Demonstration with monkey (image) | WIRED VISION(Health, low calorie diet appears to change the metabolism, it seems to boost the life prolonging effect)

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): Escargot Rolled Osaka Complex, Eraded? A society(Environment, fertility is strong, damage to agricultural crops has been reported overseas)

StarPagga: magnificent world view, music is also shin. Space war shooting! 842(You can enjoy 3D shooting like games, Star Wars on iPhone)

Sharp, increase production capacity of Kameyama No. 2 factory Responding to active liquid crystal demand - ITmedia News(The intention to raise the production capacity of hardware and liquid crystal panels by about 10% and intend to bring the start time of Sakai new plant half a year forward)

Square, Wii wear "FFIV The After Years - Return of the Moon". Portable application version ported a cumulative total of 3.5 million DL - GAME Watch(Game, additional scenarios focusing on each character will be distributed every week)

What is loved anarchist · laughter crane jewelry extremely "amateur story by professional" - daily Saiseau(Entertainment, Ryutaro Ueoka also says that Tsurube is "master of amateur storytelling")

If tomorrow, there are 5 things to prepare for when suddenly becoming famous | Trend | free video GyaO [gao] |(Memo, Services that can make you feel like a celebrity)

How can we resolve "anger Mayu" which is rapidly increasing for women in their thirties? - Chou(Memo, it seems that there are many things that you can do with anger Mayu trying to forcibly ignore the skeleton and muscles)

Half price menu appears on weekly basis! Kentucky 'Summer Festival' held - Tokyo Walker(Food, half-price menu appears for 5 consecutive weeks from July 23)

Speaking of the Japanese food that the world admits ... ....? Excite News(Food, first thought as "sushi", "Miso soup and sushi juice" surprising result)

New criteria for prevention of heat stroke, what is the right choice of sports drink? - Life - Nikkei Trendy Net(Note, it is necessary to ingest moisture and salt at regular intervals, concrete numerical values ​​are also presented for intake etc)

Current affairs dot com: 【overbearing】 Appeals mold to the lungs with a damp basement work = If you recover by sex you become an employer(Labor, an employer said "If you have sex health problems will be solved")

Seven points when calling out to a beauty girl | Sugoren(Love, first arrange from grooming)

How to talk to a man from a woman 5 patterns | Otome Goreng(It breaks down whether to express love, coincidence or straight)

Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson, discovering the sound source of the phantom, first decision on CD in Japan / BARKS news(Music, rare sound source of "Isle Bearer (Acoustic Version)" which was produced in Jackson 5's era of 1970)

"Third New Tokyo City Designated Food Bread Can" at Tokyo Anime Center - Eva Public Memorial - Akiba Keizai Shimbun(5 kinds of animation, Shinji (honey lemon taste), Ray (milk flavor), Asuka (strawberry taste), Mali (raisins taste), Kaoru (chocolate taste) are sold)

Comic Natalie - Astonishing fact in Kaiji drawing! Night where Shinjuku swayed in the Western original pain confrontation(Manga, Fukumoto's picture "Kitty" is amazing)

Painful news (No ∀ `):" 2 Channel and so on are also subjects to be caught "arrested just by writing the URL, even out such as" ttp: "Child pornography(Law, even in GIGAZINE in May 2007 "Is the act of link creation really aiding act of crime?What has been written by saying that is becoming close to the reality)

Google announces new features of 'Google Earth' on the 40th anniversary of moon landing: News - CNET Japan(Note, will it become a service related to the moon after the lunar landing 40th anniversary?)

"Gundam dissemination site" 30th anniversary event held in Nagoya News -ORICON STYLE-(Memo, director Yoshiyuki Tomino known as "Gundam's parent" will appear)

"Dragon Quest IX" just before release leaks on the net, news that breaks countermeasures against "Majikon" News - Oricon ranking of net securities · car insurance(Although it set up a trap that hinders progress, the trap release program seems to be invented as soon as possible)

Koji Imada collapsed rape by court! Home party of fear of Miyamori etc | Zubari! Back art(Entertainment, Koji Imada entered the Tokyo district court and denied the allegation of "no fact" and argued that she was "not acquainted at all" with the accused woman)

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): Lunch box, Burger ... I tried making it in jellyfish Sasebo - Society(In addition to foods, lunch boxes and hamburgers, a total of 8 different jellyfish products are released, including jelly)

I ordered my older sister Nagga and I ordered him "I made it myself!" Alfalfa mosaic(Story, new genre "Nyakaga murder case")

"Tsubo is just a delusion" says Tsubo: Nikkei Business Online(Health, acupuncture and moxibustion journalist · Takeshi Takeshi)

Is the blog the necessary infrastructure for career development? - Going to see HuckleBerry(Work, "Planning to give an interview collection" Huckleberry goes to see ")

Business Media Makoto: About young people who "grapple" ... ... Does Senior skip a cheek?(What is felt about 'herbivorous' that generation, pacifism is not self-assertion and love affair is also passive)

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