Nintendo's unique system enables casual gamers to "Skip Difficult Scene" in the game

Nintendo is not just a game manufacturer. They have been challenging on brand new market, like education, with unique user interfaces and interactive games such as "Wii Fit" and "Brain Age".

These markets should consist of youths, seniors and non-gamers. So, it's not surprising to hear Nintendo is to adopt a function with which one can skip difficult part of a game, which is surely the most desired system for casual users.

Read on for detail.

(Jp)Let's skip it forward - Nintendo to adopt "Fast Forward Feature" on their game console Digital & Entertainment - Latest News: IT-PLUS

Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported that Nintendo is to adopt "Scene Skipper" to their consoles.

Non-frequent game players tend to quit playing the game and never come back when they get to difficult point of a game. So the function enables players to skip difficult scenes.

The function will be adopted to both Wii and Nintendo DS games from this fall. The first game will be "New Super Mario Brothers Wii".

Well there's a saying "No pain, no gain". It's interesting to see that Nintendo values a easy-winning rather than joy of conquering hardship.

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