At first sight Makai village, Michael Jackson fans throwing thriller headphones

Alejandro Sanguinett who designs the Nokia product is a headphone that designed Nokia's wireless headphones "BH-604" by imagining Michael Jackson's "thriller". Although Michael Jackson is not included in the design, the atmosphere is thriller itself, and it has been carefully built up to the details.

For those who do not understand thriller's original story "Makai villageMaybe it looks like.

Pictures are as follows.
Thriller Headphones: Behold .....

Image design of thriller headphone.

When image design is realized it is like this.

Express the place where zombie hand comes out from under the grave.

Characters engraved on the grave are also listed in detail.

A zombie that came out.

The housing part is a door, and the housing of the left ear breaches the door by a monster.

In the housing of the right ear, the zombies are hanging on.

It actually looks like this.

I really want it but I do not seem to be on sale.

By the way, the thriller who became the original neta of this headphone can play from the following.
Michael Jackson Thriller (Remastered) Music Video on Yahoo! Music

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