Nationwide competition of network opponent mahjong MJ 4 "Saki - Saki - CUP" held, voice actor Uenida Kana and Koshimizu Ami also participated

Since February 2008 Sega is developing at the game center nationwide "Network Battle Mahjong MJ 4In April 2009A version equipped with a single mode in which an animated character appears appearsFor example, Young Gang Gang series works with TV anime broadcasting "Saki -"We have been promoting collaboration with, but we are planning to hold the nationwide competition" Saki - CUP "this time.

The tournament will be held from July 10th (Friday) and the final will be held from July 23 (Thursday), during which during the final round there will be a voice actor who plays the leading role Saki Miyanagi at "Saki - Saki-"Kana UedaAnd Mr. Hara KimuraAmi KoshimizuHe is said to be entering the battle.

Details are as below.
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The national competition "Saki - Saki - CUP" of the "Sega Network Fight Mahjong MJ 4" is qualifying from July 10th (Fri) to July 20th (Monday), the final to July 26th (Sun) will be held. The content competes for the total score of the score in 8 consecutive games, and the best part is the best when playing more than 9 games. Preliminary rounds are divided into five areas, the final seems to be a match between preliminaries.

This time's tie-up was realized because both "Saki -" and "MJ 4" theme are based on Mahjong, and in the event final it is a voice actor Ueda who plays the leading role Saki Miyanaga in "Saki - Saki-" Ami Koshimizu who plays Kana and Mr. Hara Muramura, and furthermore, 40 pro-spammers belonging to the Japan Pro Mahjong Association will participate. Mr. Ueda and Mr. Koshimizu are both known as mahjong enthusiasts, in particular Mr. Ueda has been set up as a "full moon dumpling" at his home, and other than KosumizuYui HorieAndShizuka ItoI heard that you are inviting voice actors like Mr. Mahjong.

A script and a poster with "Saki - Saki -" signature and a first volume of animation DVD released on July 15 (Wednesday) will be gifts for the contestants.

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