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Career business such as "an" "Doda" etc.Intelligence CorporationSummarized "May 2009 Average hourly wage for part-time jobAccording to May, the national average hourly wage in May 2009 was 958 yen (previous month 955 yen, previous year the same month 970 yen), which is an increase of 3 yen from the previous month, the 10-month decrease (-1.2%) for the 10th consecutive month It turned out to be. In all occupations except for "professional" (2.1%), "service" (1.0%), and "sales" (0.6%), in comparison with the previous year, "skill · Labor system "(-5.9%) shows a particularly big decline, showing a bad economy such as a 21-month consecutive year-on-year decrease.

By area, the "Kanto area" is the highest at 1,002 yen, followed by the "Kansai area" (973 yen) and the metropolitan area, the "Kyushu area" (821 yen) and the "Hokkaido area" (810 yen) Resulting in a decrease in capital and work concentration in the city.

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A garbage mountain looks like a movie scene, art of light and shadow weaving - GIGAZINE

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Today's headline news.
NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net): New Influential Alert Level, Best "6" WHO Declared(We raised the warning level of medical treatment and H1N1 influenza to the highest degree of "6" and declared that a global pandemic (pandemic) occurred)

Business Media Makoto: Do ​​you need a magazine if you have a net?(There are many people who believe publishing recession, thirties are substitutable with the net, but in other generations many people think "I can not find the magazines I want to read")

Instructions and weaknesses of "human who produces reasonable results in a very short time" and waiting for the dead bodies of Meme(Organization, people who are free as seen from the side of the eyes are more difficult to arrange as organizations)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Bodies are used to elucidate cause of death by echo, police deployed nationwide - society(Justice, seek signs of crime without hurting corpses by looking inside the body with CT scan or ultrasound after deathAutopsy imagingThe introduction of it is progressing)

Uniform girls fade away in winter, do not see real in dream stories. - subtech(The processing of multibyte characters from Perl, Perl 5.8 has become more complicated than the conventional version.

I examined JavaScript objects - after taste(IT, Object-Oriented Programming is a difficult step for learning the first step)

Nothingness: a funny manga man who does not change even in fax or raw manuscript(Manga, comics of Wada Radio have been submitted by FAX without mail or data)

Chemical hypersensitivity: Disease name registration from October, road to salvage 700,000 people - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(In the list of disease names used in medical, electronic medical records system and electronic medical fee invoice,Chemical hypersensitivity (CS)"Was added and the mediation insurance applied was only)

The female finally entered the unified church / inspiration commercial law which is the biggest consumer damage after the war. : Lawyer Masaki Kudo's LINC TOP NEWS-BLOG Version(The Unification Church that established society, political partiesThe incident involved in the stamping of stampsMasaki Kudo, a lawyer familiar with the Unified Church issue, commented)

NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net): BAE Systems in the UK, disclosure of technical information on eurofighter for "FX" adoption(Military, the SDF participated in the development of the next major fighter aircraft "Euro fighterIn the case where adoption was adopted, it revealed the idea to disclose detailed technical information so that license production is easy in Japan)

"Employment problem of university graduates with a headache of Chinese government": Nikkei business online(The unemployment rate of university graduates is getting higher as job seekers who self-recognize the economy and elite and seek high treatment do not satisfy the graduates of high school graduates)

Jigsaw puzzle of super challenges: 1 ten thousand possible possibilities, 1 right answer | WIRED VISION(There is a possibility of evil development that it does not complete as applicable because there are five points of puzzle and dummy binding points)

Seven things we can do to lower the regrettability of the Japanese web + α: tokuriki.com(Net, critic Mr. Nobuo Umeda's "The Japanese Web is disappointingReceiving remarks)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): "Hunting gun 6 seconds" Talent Harada Mr. No standing 3 people Document delivery - Society(It was judged that photography of society and television did not fall under "justifiable reason", and the owner of the hunting gun was sent a document for violation of firearms sword law)

NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net): Limited hereditary, Mr. Takebe led by LDP strongly(Politics, policy to completely regulate hereditary restrictions has been gradually relaxing as a policy has been rebounded)

【Eco Point System】 "Consumer earned point registration and product exchange application accepted from July 1" - MSN Sankei News(Economy, target period is purchase amount from May 15th this year to the end of March 2010, documents necessary for application will be distributed from home appliance dealers nationwide or post offices nationwide from around late June)

[Ashikaga Incident] National Public Safety Commission Chairperson also apologizes "Sorry very much" - MSN Sankei News(society,Prosecutor General of the Supreme Public Prosecutor's Office·Tochigi prefecture headquarters headFollowing the police administration next toNational Public Safety CommissionerAlso expressed an apology)

Ryukoku University Temporary staff assault on students, serious injury: News: From Kansai: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Saying that it was said that society, students who finished training did not greet themselves had an argument and said, "I did something very bad")

NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net): NATO reduced the Kosovo dispatch unit to 4,000, down 10,000(We agreed to reduce the peacekeeping force (KFOR) dispatched to Kosovo from current 14,000 people to about 10,000 by January next year)

The return of the Northern Territories is "impossible" Ministry of Foreign Affairs - MSN Sankei News(The Russian Foreign Ministry announced a statement on the fact that the House of Representatives passed a bill to revise the Northern Territorial Special Measures Law stating politics, the Northern Territories as "the territory unique to our country")

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): One tadpole on a street tadpoles in Wajima - Kansai area news(Society, also in Wajima city about 50 kilometers away from the first confirmed Nanao city, on Wednesday 11, about 100 were found in a state clustered on the street in the center of the city)

Current affairs dot com: Municipal hospital chiefs 6 physicians retirement = partial medical treatment cancellation - Osaka · Izumiotsu(Society, Director Iida opposed to being inaugurated from Mayor of Kamiya Risa as Honorary Director in mid March, expressed his resignation)

Honda | Eco Grand Prix(It collects individual fuel economy ranking by prefecture from fuel consumption data obtained through communication function of Eco, Navi)

Kampei, get on board Chicago "Pumpkin !!" (page 1 of 2) - Entertainment - SANSPO.COM(International and English greetings ended unexplained, but show off a new gag "Pumpkin !!" in the local park)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Introducing the fascination of girls' new service in cosplay - Digital(Girls Ana in the tea showed up cosplay at the event commemorating the launch of the new mobile information service "EZ News EX" by mobile, KDDI, TV Asahi, Asahi Newspaper)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Moriko Mori 's New Honorable Memorial Stage - Nikkan Sports Entertainment News - Film, Music, Entertainment(Entertainment, the new challenge of Mori Mitsuko starts now, after finishing "wandering memorial" at the end of last month)

Current affairs dot com: Tamura Masakazu best actor award = Monte Carlo television festival(This is the 49th annual TV Festival this year is the International Video Festival hosted by the Principality of Monaco, the first time a Japanese commercial award winner is awarded)

What is "2,147,483,647 problem" on Twitter? - IDEA * IDEA ~ 100 Managers' Life Hack Blog ~(Since there is a possibility that the range of an integer that some external applications can handle can be exceeded)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Arrows arbitrarily arrow on the climbing course Hiker succession Rokko Mountain system - Society(Mischief, some climbers do not have arbitrary markers such as arrows on rocks or stones with mountain paths, so hikers getting stuck out)

Just a bishou but a boyfriend(Work, a priesthood and a herbivorous food multiplied "It seems that a priest-oriented boy is now being mobilizedEntry is exciting, but actually it seems that the marriage life with a priest-oriented boy will be very severe)

Koress.jp: The fact that Tsukuba City has a near future address notation(Society, reasonable address allocation has been done, and the notation's minerality is producing a near-futuristic atmosphere)

Illegal Osaka High Court's First Judgment for Jail Detention Refusal of Asahi Shimbun - MSN Sankei News(Although it was decided to choose one from two kinds in society and the Ministry of Justice regulations, it pointed out the illegality prescribed as "It can not be said that it is impossible to maintain discipline and order unless limited to 2 types)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): collecting car emblems, illegal play girls junior high school student theft suspect - society(Society, about 30 emblems were displayed on the wall of the room)

Yosuke Eguchi who avoided disaster "High driving skill" and impressive investigators (1/2 pages) - MSN Sankei News(Motorbike, a comment the police officers praised for having done without falling under the motorcycle when falling over)

Nakazato Ikuhiro: If you really want to crush the porn industry(The hypothesis that the market principle works by eliminating isolation / discrimination such as economy, "18 ban" and "adult comic", and necessary selection may be made)

War society America: re-employment of state guard problem >> dark news link(Social, re-employment of veteran troops from Iraq has become difficult due to economic problems)

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