A boy who was hospitalized continuing to play for 40 hours nonstop

If it is an interesting game, you may forget the time and play for a long time, but if you continue to play the game for too long, there seems to be a danger of life. There seems to be a boy who has gone in Russia for 40 hours in a row and is hospitalized, so I wonder why he stuck to the game so far, there was not anyone to stop.

Details are from the following.
Russian teen hospitalized after 40 hours non-stop gaming / MosNews.com

A 15-year-old boy who lives in Omsk State, Russia who was hospitalized because he was overplaying the game. This boy tried Dada and bought a personal computer game on his birthday, but as the boy 's grades declined markedly for the first time in 2 - 3 weeks of the game, parents strictly restricted the boy' s playing the game I heard he did. Perhaps it is thought that desire for the game has grown considerably at this time.

Meanwhile, the parents go on a trip on the weekend, and the boy who no longer restricted the game enthusiastically got into the game, and it was said that unconsciousness became unnoticed. The things my parents came back from the trip looked like a chalk in front of a computer and my face was white and he seemed to be a figure of a boy who had no reaction at all. It seems that the boy 's mother thought it was a joke, but as the white face grew steadily and blue, he immediately called an ambulance crew and the boy seemed to be brought to the hospital. When he was taken to the hospital, the blood pressure of the juvenile has decreased markedly, and it is thought that it was thought that he was continuing to play the game for about 40 hours in nonstop as seen from the situation.

It seems that the boy has survived the life safely and is now living a rehabilitation life of several weeks. Also, it seems that games have been banned for several months, so it may be that boys will refrain from playing games in this case.

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