I tried staying at "Children's Castle Hotel" in Aoyama, Tokyo

I have to go to Tokyo suddenly, and when I was looking for hotels in various ways, "Children's Castle HotelThere was a thing called, so I tried staying. Child health training facility in Tokyo · Aoyama "Children's CastleAlthough it seems that it was originally built for people who contribute to the welfare and culture of the child, it is managed as a part of, but people not concerned can also stay normally.

Locally, the Aoyama Gakuin and the United Nations University are in the immediate vicinity and the access to the downtown area is pretty good. The price is not so high if you make reservations via the net, and you can relax relaxedly because the room is large Possible. The facilities themselves have a little old-fashioned atmosphere, but because they are cleanly maintained, there were few problems with that kind of point.

So, the review on what actually was like is from the following.
The place is around here

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As for this "Children's Castle Hotel", singles are unusually small, most of them are twin rooms, and "Non-smoking B Twin Room (available for 23 square meters per person)" stayed at 8400 yen including tax. When examining it, it seems that sometimes it drops to about 7000 yen when it is cheap.

A friend like the sun tower welcomed you

The 6th and 7th floors are hotels and the reception is on the 7th floor

Arrived on the 7th floor. From the left side to the front of the hotel.

Hotel reception and lobby, I will do procedures here

This time the room at the back of the 7th floor

I stayed in "715"

It will be here positionally

This is the movie that roughly went around the room roughly how it feels.

As soon as I entered

It is reinforcing whether the door is hit or not

Toilet & Bath & Shower

Common bidet toilet

Amenity etc. are put like this

Everything is basic

The bathtub is like this

The shower had a firm momentum of water, and the temperature adjustment was able to adjust to the temperature you like from quite hot to lukewarm. There are hotels that sometimes can not finely adjust shower momentum etc, but here it is not such a thing, I felt that the facilities are well maintained even if I feel somewhat old.

Body soap, conditioner, shampoo. There are times when it is not used so much in this type, or it is sometimes getting worse as it gets settled, but here it was not such a thing.

The whole room looks like this

Closet keeping his clothes outdoor

I think that there is not that it is not enough because a lot of hangers are prepared.

The desk looks like this

Since chairs are not fluffy, it is easy to work with laptop computers


I actually tried to put two bottles of PET, but it will cool down properly.

on the desk

There are two power supplies on the wall and one hole for the net. LAN cable can be borrowed for free for the counter.

Secretly 5% discount coupon on the desk on the desk.

Trouser presser · electric stand · humidifier · LAN cable · various pillows can be rented

The wired LAN in the room is free, the wireless LAN in the lobby is free, and the net using the personal computer in the lobby feels like charged. I used a wired LAN in my room, but basically it is allocated arbitrarily by DHCP so I do not have to set anything in particular.

Cup or tea.

The pot has already been warmed by hot water boiled from the beginning, so it is possible to make tea quickly

tv set. There were occasionally cases where the reflection was not good.

Yukata for drawers on the upper row

Drawer at the lower stage drawer

Trash bin in the back


And twin bed

As the bed of the system which is common in the hotel, there is nothing to be a problem to sleep

It is pretty fluffy.

Slippers are pretty solid


alarm. The clock was deviated all around for 12 hours. This is dangerous.

I put something on the other bed

I see

The other side is the air conditioner

Air conditioning switch is here

I did not know how to open it at the beginning ... ...

I can open it like this

It is quite old, but I confirmed that it works properly. So, as a result, the air conditioning of the room can be adjusted finely.

There is considerable opening feeling because the window is deck anyway

Night view is beautiful

Shooting in the morning, this is how it is

As a precaution, from the viewpoint of attached facilitiesNo curfew at 23And after that it is impossible to check in anything. In addition, the indoor parking lotHotel guests are free from check-in to check-outAlthough it is between 10 pm and 8 a.m., the shutter closes, and I can not put it in and out. In addition, check-out is until 11 AM, but late check-out is impossible. So, paying an extension fee and staying asleep for a while or staying can not be done.

By the way, I can hardly hear the sounds from the rooms on both sides, but since the sound in the corridor is heard round, I will be stuck until 11am, but when cleaning the corridor and cleaning other rooms Perhaps it will be awakened by the noise.

Also, due to the convenience that is being operated as part of the "Children's Castle" child development facility "Male and female customers are limited to our couple and their familiesSo, we can not stay with a couple, let's give up.

However, there is a strange area of ​​this room, geographical merit easy to access, good condition of facilities etc, and on that the low price zone is honest, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a level of disqualification, The profit was strong.

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