In a way it's too bad New way to reuse credit card that became unnecessary

In modern times many members with credit features are also attached to membership cards, point cards, etc. The wallet is full of credit cards. I think that there are many people who leave the unnecessary cards as they are, but there seems to be a way to reuse such unnecessary credit cards.

In a sense it is just too innovative, and it is only what I'm likely to choose people to use.

Details are from the following.
Ten Practical Uses for Your Credit Cards «Scavenging

Board game"MonopolyMoney to use with. It seems more difficult to incorporate credit cards so far.

Picture frame. I do not see it fashionably in this picture, but it may be fashionable depending on making it.

goggles. It stands out in a sense.

A doll table. Only the table has low quality.

Tools used for robbery. Do not use it for crime.

Golf putter. Is there any meaning to put on a card?

currency. I absolutely can not use ... I want to believe.

Power switch cover. It is the most incompatible feeling ever.

Feather of Bamboo dragonfly. He will become heavy and will not fly.

Cocaine cutter. I used the wrong way to use the card.

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