A man who filed the world's most litigation lawsuit against Guinness who tried to register himself

A guy registered in the Guinness Book as a human being who filed the most number of lawsuits in human history has filed a lawsuit against the Guinness Book which he is about to put on.

A man called up as a demon of lawsuit says that it is asking the federal court to stop the Guinness Book of Books.

Details are as below.
Spokesman.com | Man sues book over most-litigious crown | May 23, 2009

Jonathan Lee Riches, the man who filed the most claims in the world, filed a lawsuit against Guinness, while in imprisonment but under Lexington's Federal Medical Center. Riches insisted that Guinness is about to post fake information on the number of cases he suffered, "duke of lawsuits", "The litigator crusader", "Lawsuit Zeus (litigation It is said that they oppose the intention of attaching a nickname to "a demon of").

Jonathan Lee Riches who filed a lawsuit.

Riches has also filed lawsuits against Nostradamus, the Eiffel Tower, the Roman Empire and other places, and Riches in the United States has not been accepting any further lawsuits by Riches. However, Riches said that he handed down the documents of the lawsuit against Guinness after handwriting, saying, "My right hand handwriting documents for litigation is anxious about arthritis and I do not have any sense of wrist already" .

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