Will happiness and misfortune inherit? The possibility that the psychological state of parents before fertilization affects children's genes

Chemical substances such as hormones due to mental states such as happiness and depression act on sperm and eggs and may have sustained impact on born children.

Of course, it is not decided that a child born at the time of fertilization will become happy · unfortunate, but it goes back far beyond that not only the mental state of pregnancy / breastfeeding term which has been told so far Interesting hypotheses have been proposed in that the mental status of both mothers and fathers in the period affect children.Can Happiness Be Inherited?

Various chemical substances in the brain, which are influenced by mental states such as euphoria and depression, affect the expression of specific genes in reproductive cells (sperm / egg) made in the body at that time, and thus how the child It also affects growing up,Bioscience Hypotheses magazineDr. Alberto Halabe Bucay of Mexico · Research Center Halabe and Darwich advocated a paper published in

Endorphins such as endorphins and drugs such as cannabis and heroin have a marked influence on sperm and ova and have already been found to affect the pattern of genes.

"Of course it is widely known that the behavior of parents while parenting affects children and that genes that are received from parents are responsible for determining the personality of the child," Dr. Halabe Bucay said. "What I'm advocating this time is the possibility that the psychological state of the parents before fertilization actually affects children's genes"

"This is a very interesting idea," Dr. William Bains editor of Bioscience Hypotheses magazine said. "I decided to post this paper to know the reactions of other scientists, I hope that data that corroborates or opposes this idea will come up actively Discuss new ideas actively Well, our magazine is there for that reason, the more breakthrough it is, the better it is. "

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