Sports drinks have the effect of improving athletic performance by including them in their mouth even if they do not drink

In general it is thought that it will increase exercise performance by absorbing sugar, salt, carbohydrate, minerals, moisture, etc. contained in sports drinks in the body, but improving the performance by just including it in the mouth without drinking it It seems that it turned out to be found. It is said that a certain substance acts directly on the brain and has an effect of improving exercise performance.

Let's see why exercise performance will improve simply by inclusion in the mouth.

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Sports drinks boost performance even if you spit them out: research - Telegraph

In a study of experts at Birmingham University and Manchester Metropolitan University, by mouthing with a sports drink, a receptacle in the mouth senses a substance contained in a sports drink and signals a reward and a joy to the brain I heard that exercise performance was improved by sending it.

Therefore, they asked eight cyclists who received endurance training to cooperate, and they studied what they are sending signals to the brain among the substances contained in sports drinks.

First, when comparing the performance when mouth was moistened with a drink containing 6.2% glucose (produced from carbohydrate) and mouth was moistened with a drink containing artificial sweetener saccharin, it was found that mouth with glucose containing drink It seems that work finished one minute earlier than usual if you moistened inside. Also often used for sweetener of sports drinks etc.MaltodextrinWhen comparing drinks containing 6.4% (produced from carbohydrates) and drinks seasoned with artificial sweeteners, it was said that work included two minutes earlier than usual when drinks containing maltodextrin were included.

From this result, it seems that the sweetness itself did not send a signal of reward and joy to the brain, but the carbohydrate signals a signal to the brain. And, as a result of receiving these signals, it seems to be thought that the exercise performance may have improved by helping to ease the fatigue of the body that the brain feels. Also, since maltodextrin was more effective than glucose, sports drinks were found to be able to improve exercise performance efficiently.

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