Movie that expresses various art by attaching LED to sheep

A shepherd dog guides a lot of sheep like a single chunk, but there are teams who have made a splendid art using this movement. Try making an animation with the meadow as a canvas or attaching an LED to one head of sheepPong (PONG)I tried playing and perhaps shepherd dogs are doing a hard work, but it is worth it and it is a wonderful movie.

Details are as below.
YouTube - Extreme Sheep LED Art

This is the 4 people who produced it. "Electricity (electrical engineer)" Emeris.

"Player" Gerry.

"LED Master" Rob.

"General" Bernard

A shepherd dog follows the sheep.

A picture of a sheep with a black face is completed.

Animation walking while moving legs.

Next time I attach the LEDs to the sheeps.

Play PONG.

Gerry is pleased with scoring.

This time LEDs are colorful.

Put the sheep into the fence.

Repeat this process several times by changing the color of the LED.

Then ...

"Mona Lisa" is completed.

At the end, the fireworks are launched and finished. Of course the sheep are moving as well.

Very satisfied.

ApparentlySamsung's LED TVIt seems to be a viral advertisement, but it is an interesting movie anyway.

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