Headline news on March 16, 2009

Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd.Two cup noodles "Nissin no Tankashi noodle Korean style seafood kimchi chige" and a bowl-shaped cup noodle "Nissin no Tame noodles Korean style miso Tige"We announced that we will launch new products nationwide from March 30 (Monday).

"Korean style seafood kimchi chige" expresses deliciousness with vivid coloring ingredients such as kimuchi, squid and leek of shakyaki texture on our unique sweetness and sticky fly meaden with red pepper, "Korean style Miso Tige "is a well-balanced combination of hot pepper spicy and sweet taste, with fresh meat fish, cabbage, green onions and red bells colored with coloring of Miso Tige Soup, giving a cooked atmosphere. Besides, both are able to raise the taste and taste with 'Anmyongdo Pepper' attached separately, and it seems that it seems to be more Korean.

So, tomorrowMarch 17. GIGAZINE wrote such an article on March 17th one year ago.

The only Kentucky Fried Chicken in the whole country has gone to the all-you-can-eat "Kernel Buffet" - GIGAZINE

2000 strangers rush to strangle at a school girls' birthday party, home gets a big deal - GIGAZINE

A sudden rushing huge wave makes a running car flow - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
WBC: Japan, win 6-0 in Cuba - Yutto Matsuzaka - IBTimes (Ivy Times) - World's latest business news(Sports, director Tatsunoku comment that "I seemed to be like Japan and got points")

Avoid searching for girls culture Culture in Nico Dou - __ScrapBook of Plumber(In the world of culture, so-called BL, unique notation is often used so as not to hit search engines)

Keizo Saji 's surprised Karajan "Honda, do it" The foundation of cultural projects supporting Suntory leap forward JBpress (Japan Business Press)(Society, Suntory's beer business has achieved the first profit in 2008, since entering in 1963)

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): erotic natto · · · Imagine various things - society(Food, shopkeepers have commented that "human imagination is truly erotic")

NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net): Main news - Robot satellite, cleaning space garbage space agency, Experiment in FY11(Science, is not it the most needed technology right now?)

Japan's dangerous suicide method landed in the US | WIRED VISION(Society, hydrogen sulfide suicide seems to be increasing)

Tsukumo resumes business as Yamada Denki Group(Social, saved points can be transferred properly)

Electrical machinery coalition, bare zero acceptance ... stick avoidance if fixed increase: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Society, although there is spring, there are few good stories)

Fire: Driving from buses, fire, passengers and others 78 embarrassed Shizuoka's Tomei - everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Fly from the rear of the Youth Spring Mega Dream No. 2 bus from Tokyo, Osaka to Tokyo)

Asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Deb Parade Overwhelming with total weight EXILE Declaration - Nikkan Sports Entertainment News - Film · Music · Entertainment(Entertainment, heavy metabolic band of over 100 kilograms for all members)

Eri-chan, a beginner ball ceremony showcasing traditional treasure troops / baseball / daily sports online(Decide image, knuckle as low strike)

Teijin Fiber's "Fiber Cushion" Adopted at Hanshin Koshien Baseball Stadium Rubber Fence - IBTimes (Ivy Times) - World's Latest Business News(Technique, cushioning property does not decrease even for cold place or long-term use and little hesitancy)

Yokohama Fire and Fire Command Center: Emergency dispatch, late 40 minutes delayed connection of buzzer machine / Kanagawa - daily jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Social, patient was safe but it was too rudimentary)

Chief of Staff Chief of Staff: Proposal of offering bases for strategic bombers from Venezuela - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(Military, beyond improving relations with the Obama administration)

Nytt-ja | Search the entire New York Times for 280,000 articles in Japanese(Net service, targeting 280,000 articles from 1981 to today)

Gung Ho Online Entertainment and Eta Software, mobile MMORPG "Ragnarok Online Mobile Story (tentative name)" announced!(Game, so that Ragnarok Online can be enjoyed on mobile phones)

Extra Update "Iris" | Heartful Online Online RPG "Emil Chronicle Online" Official Website(Game, basic play will be free from May 28th)

TABLOG: Hurley's employees do not have an idiot who thinks they are "making bikes" livedoor Blog (blog)(Marketing, Harley sells "get on a motorcycle" experience)

Resident Evil: Cumulative Breakthrough of 40 Million Books In the Newest "5" Series Best Hits (MANTAN web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Shimbun)(It is said that the game, Western countries account for about 80% of the initial shipment)

How to tie a convenient book / magazine taught at byte at a secondhand bookstore - Nakazoro Kazusa not reading the air(Kotu, how to summarize the ultimate old newspaper as a basis)

@nifty: Daily Portal Z: Make Mont Blanc with Morumbone(Food, Mont Blanc and Morumbone are not connected at all)

Capturing families from families "Secret of dumplings" secret of strength: shares / FX · MONEYZINE with good investment and economy(Food, flexibility of menus by area and harsh attitude towards numbers)

It was refurbished because the toilet broke ...(I live without doing anything other than technology, excretion)

3 minutes LifeHacking: Realizing "reading while keeping the page open" with transparent acrylic board - ITmedia Biz.ID(The trick, how to make a page hold down unexpectedly imagined)

Today's Ameblo written by president of editing / design company(Agreement will be established even by legal, self-registered registry)

CR 笑 う え ぇ ぇ る Sorry Mu Ku Search for black fulcrum!(Pachinko, only looking at debt)

Sports: ZAKZAK - Korean bad Nori "Ichiro assassination T - shirt" What a club official recognition!(Something quirky design, such as making a motif of Ahn, who assassinated society, Hirofumi Ito)

Public baby of Siberian tiger shortly after birth, 3 zoo photos of Germany Germany International News: AFPBB News(Image, small but perfect tiger handle)

Kyoto University Graduate School of Science - Faculty of Science - Professor Emeritus (180)(Science, secretly growing dark Drosophila)

"Science World" as a map: Visualize 1 billion database exchanges | WIRED VISION(The academic and science literature seems to be quite closely related)

Critique item of English version Wikipedia is interesting - G & amp; G, Inc. blog(The difference between language, criticism and criticism and difficulty is well organized)

Social Business Card 'Poken' Landing in Japan - Easy Profile Exchange on Face: News - CNET Japan(Net, SNS and the real world are connected well with hardware)

Reporters Without Borders, "Enemy of the Internet" announced - ITmedia News("Internet enemies" list threatening the freedom of speech by censorship of the Internet, the Internet, etc.)

MOONGIFT: >> Not only compression. CSS analyzed and compressed "CSS Compressor": Open source introduced daily(Net, understanding the contents and cutting off duplicates)

A competing horse of Google Analytics? "Yahoo! Access Analysis" Usage Report - Real Access Analysis(Net, focusing on ease of use over Google's service)

8.5 type screen for Optoma pocket projector - AV Watch(Hard, Ultra Compact Projection Screen)

Google AdWords, the keyword to be memorable in Japan is "Hanko"(Small-scale advertisers with less net and less funds can compete fairly with big companies)

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