Wii designed by Mario and Kuppa with 20,000 crystals on sale on eBay

It seems that Wii which designed Mario and Kuppa using 20,000 Swarovski crystals is being exhibited on eBay of the net auction site. It is very sparkling and gorgeous finish. Where does the price of this Wii go up? It is a very interesting place.

Details are from the following.
Nintendo Swarovski Crystal Wii RARE WITH BONUS ITEM - eBay

This was decorated with Swarovski crystal Wii. Crystal is also scattered on the vertical stand.

Close-up of the side. Glittering and dazzling.

There is a kopper on the other side.

The atmosphere has changed drastically with the other side.

It seems that Wii sports is also included on the bundled AV cable, AC adapter, wireless sensor server. At 10 o'clock March 13th 2009, there are no bidders and it remains 4000 dollars (about 400,000 yen), but as there is still time for nearly a week, the price may go up further.

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