Soon Sony announces price cut of PS3, analysts boldly forecast

Rumors of price cuts several times, in fact, by doubling the HDD capacity in October of last year and shipping an optional vibration controller "DUALSHOCK 3"The PS3 of the 80 GB model with the real price cut was releasedBut analysts have revealed that Sony might make price cuts in PS 3 soon.

Succeeded in reducing manufacturing costAlthough it is said that it is PS 3, is it that you will start offensive by lowering prices?

Details are as follows.
VG247 >> Blog Archive >> Hickey - PS3 price cut to be announced within "days"

According to this article, Mike Hickey, an analyst at investment company Janco Partners, speculated that Sony will announce on PS3 price cuts within a couple of days. And that Sony thinks that it is necessary to cut down about 100 dollars (about 9750 yen) in order to raise the pace of sales of PS 3.

Also, even if price cuts are not announced in a few days, we also say that the market anticipates that PS3 price cuts will be done between April and June.

It is a very worrisome prediction, is it really a price cut? According to the following article, Aaron Greenberg, product manager of Microsoft's Xbox 360, predicts that PS3 will be cut in January this year within 2-3 months.

Microsoft expects PS3 price drop 'in the next couple of months' - Joystiq

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