Best plants that will clean the air in the room 5

Although the air purifier is completely popular, the effect of an eco-friendly air purification device and house plants that clean the air in the room only by sunlight, water and a little affection is also attracting attention. According to NASA's research, there seems to be a difference in the ability to decompose harmful substances in the air by plants, and the best 5 of the foliage plants with high air cleaning effect are announced. It may be good to incorporate it while considering the balance with ease of use and interior.

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The foliage plantphotosynthesisIt reduces carbon dioxide in the room and supplies oxygen, and it also has a humidifying effect from leaves and flowerpot soil. Also, adsorb and decompose harmful substances such as formaldehydeSick house syndromeIt seems that you can expect an effect to prevent, in this season when it is cold and tends to neglect ventilation, it may not be damaged by incorporating it into a living room or a child room.

so,Air purification effect was recognized by NASA, And by the American Parents Center "Safe plant list for childrenThe super excellent plants listed also in the following are as follows.

First place:Orizururan

Second place:Sanseberia

3rd place:Dr. Fragrance (Corn Plant)

A plant of the genus Dracaena which is sometimes called "tree of happiness" in Japan.


5th place:Chinese Evergreen

Genus Taro Agarionema.

Incidentally,IvyAlthough high air cleaning effect is also recognized, it is said that it is poisonous so placing it in a child room etc. is not recommended.

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