A variety of high-quality photographs that clearly shows the state of Australia's forest large fire

A large-scale forest fires occurred in the southeastern part of Australia in Victoria exceeded 170 dead, and it is the largest scale as a forest fire. One of the reasons why forest fires have become so large is that it may be caused by burnable eucalyptus leaves rich in oil.

I introduce a lot of photographs that can clearly show the serious situation of such Australian forest fire. When you look at this picture you can see how big a fire is.

Pictures are as follows.
Because fire power is too strong, fire engines are also taking fire fighting while evacuating.

The state of the forest on the western side of Melbourne. The amount of smoke is amazing.

A firefighter who is doing fire fighting activity in the northern part of Sydney.

Cars suffering from forest fires.

It is not like the park can play.

A helicopter investigating the damage situation. It is completely burned and you can see how much the momentum of fire was huge.

Horses who ran out of escape.

A state of fire fighting activity using a helicopter.

The camera left behind is in this state.

A burnt church.

You can see other pictures from below.
Bushfires in Victoria, Australia - The Big Picture - Boston.com

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