93-year-old grandfather is charged with electricity charges and its usage is restricted and it freezes to death

It seems that an incident occurred that an old man who had been restricted the use of electricity continued to be delinquent electricity charges froze to death. It seems that the usage was limited, and it seems that it could not use electricity at all, but it seems that electricity was not used at all at the time of discovery.

Let's see why it was frozen and dead without using electricity at all.

Details are from the following.
93-year-old man freezes to death indoors - Life- msnbc.com

Marvin E. Schur, 93 years old, has delinquented electricity bills for over $ 1000 (about 90,000 yen), and it seems that a "limiter" was installed on January 13 to limit electricity usage. When this limiter exceeds a certain use electric power supply of electricity is stopped and it seems that electric power is not supplied again unless the limiter is reset. After installing the limiter, the power supply has been stopped because it exceeded the limited amount of electricity usage, but Schur seems to have lived without using electricity all the time since he did not know how to reset the limiter.

On the morning of January 17th, my neighbor, George Pauwels Jr., found Schur's freeze to death. The temperature at the time of discovery was 0 degree or less, and it was cold as the ice came over the window of the house.

"Bay City Electric Light & Power", the supplier of electricity, commented, "We are investigating whether there is a problem for us, we believe we have not done anything wrong." However, I do not clearly explain to Schur how to reset the limiter, it seems clear by future investigation.

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