The chef who brought the bed to the restaurant's freezer was arrested

It is said that chefs who had lived in the freezer were found in restaurants at Llandudno in northern Wales, where illegal immigrants were cracked down. There are lots of food around, so it might be a good house for those who do not mind the details.

Details are as below.
Chinese chef 'lived in freezer at restaurant' - Telegraph

At the restaurant "Sakura" of Japanese and Korean cuisine surveyed by illegal immigrant officers, the Chinese chef removed the door of the freezer and found the bed inside. A suitcase, a passport and an expired visa beside the bed were found, so the chef was arrested and sent to London for returning. It seems that a fine of 10,000 pounds (about 1.4 million yen) will be imposed because it neglected the reporting obligation to the people working at the restaurant.

The director found that there was an illegal stay in the neighboring Beijing restaurant as well, and 4 of the 10 captured people were illegal immigrants. There seems to be some people who have gotten up to sleep not only in the freezer but also in the bathroom and the kitchen during this time. Richard Johnson, immigration inspector, said: "The captured people have not paid taxes or national insurance, and there is not something that society derives from them."

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