Apple CEO Steve Jobs publishes a letter on his own health issues

Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, famous for iPhone, iPod, Mac OS etc, but last yearWe lost weight rapidly and gradually lose weight, This year's Macworld Conference & Expo San Francisco 2009 finally decided that there will be no Keynote lecture by Jobs,The condition deteriorates rapidlyWell-known rumors were also disseminated as to what they are aiming at, such as "At last, an open letter was announced directly from Apple.

What has happened to Steve Jobs as a whole?

Full text of the original text by volunteers Japanese translation etc from the following.
Letter from Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Ringo-sanco Steve Jobs announces its own health problems

Dear Apple Community

I have been spending holidays with my family for the first time in ten years without having to be prepared for Macworld keynote.

Unfortunately, the rumors about health issues, including the article that I am on the floor of death, have brought about new confusion, such as Philip Schiller's decision to have keynote.

I and everyone decided to inform you of very personal things so that we can relax and enjoy the show from tomorrow.

As you know, I lost weight during last year. I did not understand why either to me nor to the doctor, but a few weeks ago I decided to clarify this root cause and restore my weight first.

Fortunately, after examination, the doctor seems to know the cause. The hormonal imbalance imbalance seems to be "depriving" the healthy protein from the body. As a result of examinations of the blood, the above diagnosis was confirmed as correct.

Therapy for these health problems is comparatively easy and we have already begun treatment. However, the doctor says that it takes time to recover so that my weight does not fall sharply in a week or a few months, and it is expected that it will last till the end of spring this year. I will continue Apple CEO while I am recuperating.

Over the past 11 years, I have devoted more to Apple than I have. I ask the board of directors whether I am capable of fulfilling my duties as an Apple CEO. I believe that the Apple community has supported my recovery and I always know that I've been thinking what is best for Apple.

I have written more than what I wanted to say. That is all I can say.


Apple 's stock price had declined following the report that "the condition rapidly worsened", but this announcement of this issue of Nasdaq brand AppleRise by 4.2%Did. Jobs' influence is still tremendous.

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