2 Channel's server is the world's strongest? Win an organizational and intermittent attack from South Korea

Starting from Japan's winning Mao Asada at the figure skating match held in Korea,The huge bulletin board site "2 Channel" continues to be organized and intermittently attacked from South KoreaHowever, a company renting a server to "2channel" against this attack made a victory declaration.

Although it is a declaration that it is likely to pour out oil to the attacking side, what kind of content is it?

Details are as follows.
BIG-server.com 2 Channels server, winning attack from Korea rental server BIG-server.com

According to the release of BIG - server.com which rents the server to "2channel", it seems that intermittent attacks are continuing against 2channel servers from the evening of 15th December 2008.

According to the 2 -channel server administrator's announcement, this attack is a very frequent access to the 2-channel serverDDoS attack), It is done by Korean IP address.

Although it became difficult to connect due to attacks, BIG - server.com is a systematic organization from Korea, the advanced country of IT, assuming that the 2 --channel server has never run down and is running. By striking the attack, our server is proved to be the strongest in the world.

It seems that the Korean side is more furious with this victory declaration, but is it confident that you declare it confident that you can endure even if the attack heats up more?

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