Nikon Limited High Performance Compact Digital Camera with 10,000 Yen

For the first time in the worldSingle lens reflex camera "D90" equipped with movie shooting functionIt was revealed that Nikon familiar with such as limited sale high performance compact digital camera with 10,000 yen.

Not only is the number of recorded pixels and optical zoom satisfactory, it is also a model with functions such as camera shake correction and face recognition, and it is very affordable.

Details are as follows.
P60 Ten thousand yen campaign | Nikon Direct | Nikon Imaging

According to this page, Nikon is an online shop limited compact digital camera "P60It is said that it sells for 10,000 yen.

"P60" has an effective pixel number of 8.1 million pixels and has an optical 5 × zoom and incorporates an image sensor shift type camera shake correction function and a common image processing concept "EXPEED" with a professional digital single lens reflex camera. Also supports face recognition and 10 cm macro shooting. In addition to being able to drive with AA batteries, it also supports SDHC memory cards.

Although it is "P60" which has sufficient specs as a digital camera primer,The lowest price at "price .com" is 10,500 yenIt seems that it is very affordable because it is.

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