I tried "Geek Test" to judge geek degree

Just by answering the question with three choices, judge how long you are an otaku "GeekI found a thing called "Geek Test" that will give you the degree, so I tried it. Geek seems to be a technical geek overseas, but what kind of result will be given?

Details are as below.[FUALI-DOT-COM] - Geek Test

I answer with all the questions "Yes" "No" "I do not know / Once in a while".

1.Are you currently opening more than 4 terminals?
2.Are two or more of these root accounts
3.Are you putting CISCO's hardware in your bedroom or living room?
Four.Do you have real / boyfriend / spouse?
Five.Weenstrongest! right?
6.Have you read the Lord of the Rings more than once?
7.Do you smell the clothes before you wear it?
8.Are you sleeping on a sofa or a sofa bed?
9.Do you drink?
Ten.War GamesHave you ever said "Do you have 8" floppy?
11.Every time you send e-mails, one word includes l 337 (leet: gal letters used by geeks).
12.L337 can be typed faster.
13.Have you ported the software to an OS that is not recommended?
14.Did you move at that time?
15.Can I write a program and set it to run at regular time and throw a job?
16.Is it a virgin?
17.Is there still a night when I went to sleep while crying lamenting that she was a virgin?
18.Basically memorizing the "Legend of the Holy Cup (King Arthur Legend)".
19.Even if you do not enter a bath (shower) for more than three days.
20.I have a domain.
twenty one.I have three or more computers.
twenty two.At least two of them have never been seen with the naked eye.
twenty three.Is this about talk now?
twenty four."I think I will introduce Linux at the weekend, though," a phone call comes in.
twenty five.I often look at the meeting (like comic).
26.Do you know at least two girls relayed by webcam?
27.Have you actually met with those girls who you know as acquaintance?
28.SpidermanWolverineDo you think you can win?
29.Have you discussed anything about it with your friends?
30.Did you work at a dotcom company that was lost?

The result I tried was like this.

I am 12% Geek.
I wish I was a Geek. But alas I am not. Damn.
I wanna be a geek. But I 'm not. Why would I even want to be one. Do I think it's fun? I should try writting an online test application at 1 am in my underwear
Take the
Geek Test
@ FualiDotCom

I was lonely with the otaku degree of 12%, so I tried other editorial staff.
I am 33% Geek.
Geek? Yes, but at least I got social skills.
You probably work in computers, or a history deptartment at a college. You never really fit in with the "normal" crowd. But you have friends, and this is a good thing.
Take the
Geek Test
@ FualiDotCom

It seems that there is still insufficient training.

If Japanese convert "sofa bed" to futon, "spiderman" etc. to animation and special effects characters, and "chaplain legend" to "warring States history learned with Nobunaga's innocence" etc. as appropriate, more accurate diagnosis results It may come out.

In addition to the following sites, you can enjoy various diagnoses such as "game poisoning test" "unfriendly artist test" "evil genius test" "emo degree" "degree of goss degree" "degree of metality" "metro sexuality degree" It might be a good idea to try what you think.

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