Using a balloon the teddy bear reaches the stratosphere of 30,000 meters above the sky

The teddy bear of the stuffed animal was tied to the balloon together with the camera and it jumped to the universe. A scene from a balloon that reached 100,000 feet (about 30,000 meters) above the sky was photographed, and magical photographs of teddy bears floating in the air on the back of the earth are being seen.

Details are as below.
Out of this world: British teddy bears strapped to helium weather balloon reach the edge of space | Mail Online

Henry Hallam who studies aerodynamics at Cambridge University conducted the experiment. The purpose of the experiment was to create a space suit to withstand minus 53 degrees by observing the stratospheric climate to investigate what is most suitable for thermal insulation, and the teddy bear 's breast is a temperature sensor Was attached.

All four teddy bears launched.

Teddy bear named MAT and KMS taking the initials of the children who made space suit.

Two more teddy bears packed in a bottle.

The teddy bears returned to the earth safely after opening a parachute after a flight of 2 hours and 9 minutes. I landed 50 miles away from the launch pad.

A 12-year-old Thia Unsworth who participated in the production of the space suit for the teddy bear said, "It was unbelievably amazing that a balloon flew away and I was able to take a picture of a teddy bear, I liked science classes but what I actually learned I knew for the first time how I should use it. "It seems that it has become an experiment that will be a good experience for children as well.

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