Reproducing the real coat of cats, "Gyuutto Tumblers" confined "cat ma"

Cats love to enter narrow and round places, so it is surely that cats will enter the narrow and round tumblers by their unreasonable instincts and habits ... This "cat mug "is.

Prices are from the following.
Casual fashion mail order 【SCOPY】 >> Tumbler linap

The price is 1890 yen each, the size is H 15.8 cm × W 7.5 cm (capacity 320 ml), the heat resistant temperature is 90 degrees.

There are 5 types of variation below.





Hachi Ware

It seems that it is a product that tickles the playfulness of a cat lover who can enjoy the feeling that you can walk with the cat who entered the tumbler all the time.

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