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When becoming a social worker, I will go out with my company's boss, but there seems to be a trick to get along with each type well.How to go out with your bossAs long as you pay attention to the four of "Actively communicate · You become good at learning well · Touch your elders like the older boss even if you are a younger person · Understand what you can do with a good totter" And that.

I have heard that saying "It is to work my boss" is a job of a subordinate, but even if I feel lost, it may be that the work is progressing smoothly if I divide it.

So, tomorrowDecember 4. On December 4th one year ago, GIGAZINE wrote such an article.

"Compact Calendar 2008" Japanese version useful for planning medium to long term - GIGAZINE

Wikipedia's Unofficial Moe Anthropomorphic Character "Wikipedia" - GIGAZINE

French police let Santa ask for a gift - GIGAZINE

Today's headline news.
Do you know how Chaku-Uta was born: Special Report - CNET Japan(Business, which I started thinking that "work will be lost as it is")

The second input for confirmation at the time of member registration, etc., "Make a copypeper" by 50% for Meluad - Eye Share Research(Memo, the Copipe utilization rate in the second password confirmation is about 33%, which is an interesting result that the difference is large)

"Early introduction of terrestrial digital re-transmission service" - Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications requests CATV operators: News - CNET Japan(It is also requested to explain politely about broadcasting, services and contract contents)

Microsoft Expands Beta Test of "Vista SP 2": News - CNET Japan(Software, development is going well and it is expected to be released by the end of June 2009)

5 threats aimed at online gamers - F-Secure introduces: News - CNET Japan(Notes, "Trojan horse" "Pitfalls of firewall" "Pitfalls of antivirus software" "Poker" "Keylogger" five)

Virus damage infecting via USB memory is rapidly increasing - Security - ZDNet Japan(Memo, in September this year it was rapidly increasing from 11,722 cases to 62,555 in October)

What are the signs that my company is about to go bankrupt? - Company Information - ZDNet Japan(Memo, five dangerous signs you want to know in advance)

"White Rom" cellular theft successive docomo and SoftBank dealers: mobile channel - CNET Japan(Mobile, "White Rom" is a cell phone without an IC chip)

Mini laptop computer, attractive manufacturers are "Acer" "Asstech · Computer" - Eye Share Research(PC, Acer · Asus popular concentration)

Business Media Makoto: Looking at the picture Linimo: "Line in the air" with a linear motor car - actually got on "Linimo" (second part) (1/3)(Various photographs such as train, interior / scenery / station situation)

"Ignore" to posture change: Apple encourages the use of antivirus software - ITmedia Enterprise(Security, concretely, "Intego VirusBarrier X5" "Symantec Norton Anti-Virus 11 for Macintosh" "McAfee VirusScan for Mac" introduced three points)

Firefox share, over 20% - ITmedia News(It seems that the utilization of Firefox has increased significantly before and after the software, presidential election)

Google's search in the United States in 2008, popular surging words are still "Obama" - ITmedia News(Note, Mr. Palin's number of searches is also in seventh in the presidential election related)

Sharp LCD projector to catch 16,600 ignition accidents - ITmedia News(An ignition accident, an ignition occurred in the standby state, accidents occurred that the surroundings, the ceiling and the wall were burned)

Tsukiji market: discontinuation of bidding Foreign tourist's manners bad - every day jp (Mainichi Shinbun)(Current situation that you can not be aware of not being able to understand the words even if it becomes a hindrance to bidding due to violation of notes and manners)

2008 sales ranking of Amazon.co.jp Hatsune Miku figure popularity - ITmedia News(In the note, "Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G" in the game department, "Evangelion New Theatrical Version: Introduction Special Edition" in the DVD division)

"Generating floor" to generate electricity when walking, Experiment at improved station at JR Tokyo station - ITmedia News(Change notes, generated power, structure, material etc.)

Super convenience! Free tool for business: "GMail Backup" which makes it easy to back up and restore Gmail(A tool to back up Gmail by specifying software, account and save destination)

Talking about girls' chest and hips during class, to obscene teaching: society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(I got guidance to stop from the principals and notes, but did not follow obscene acts)

Psychological test Christmas, this is a gift to please him! Diagnostic test · Your nature | Yorukoyuta(Psychological test, classified into 4 types)

Escala cafe | romance white paper ~ this theme 'Why did you break up?' ~(Love, I am the side that always gets shaken)

Escala cafe | love forecast with him "like" or "love"? Feelings to you understand from his actions(Fortunetelling, you know what percentage of romance maturity is by choice)

"Handsome ★ Suit" From the Keiko Kitagawa, seeing from the Keiko Kitagawa, the real intention to "appearance" and Kenzo: Saizo woman(Do you sympathize about entertainment, being written because I am also "appearance onchi"?)

"Comedian Empire" Corporate constitution of dark and kettai over Yoshimoto Kogyo: daily Saizo(Entertainment, contents of manager work currently being done seems to originate in Yoshimoto)

Behavior ranking thinking that it is NG at year-end party - daily change ranking news - column - goo ranking(Note, the second place "Fusing mobile phones all the time" seems to say "Return!" To block the air in the place)

Sell ​​me a field. There is no more to do, give it a go! * People's homepage making homepage(Note, the circumstances of discontinuation of sales of farm fields and the feeling of intention are stated)

【18】 Little known, convenience store "hidden selling items": NBonline (Nikkei Business Online)(Memo, items left in the store are picked up from the idea of ​​"selling goods")

Asahi.com (Asahi Newspaper): Hikari, arbitrary emergency brake 3 times Sanyo Shinkansen - Society(Although it seems that the problem was not found when the train and conductor were inspected, we plan to investigate carefully as there is a problem with the vehicle)

Illegal restraint at the psychiatric hospital in Osaka, male death ... record altered? : Society: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)(Memo, the hospital side "Answer after facts are clearly identified" and refrain from comment)

"Harry Pota" ranked first in the year Best selling book NIKKEI NET (Nikkei Net)(Book, circulation circulation is 1.85 million)

Wikipedia: 1st place of update is "Macross F" information program "Miyaneya" 2nd place (Eiton Web) - Everyday jp (Mainichi Newspaper)(Note, that saying that there are a lot of updates frequently means that attention is being paid as much)

Komu's defendant, first trial next January 21 Osaka District Court - MSN Sankei News(I'm curious about what court to appear in court)

Ferris wheel Car rush while stopping injured Careless mistake Approximately 20 minutes Inzai | Chiba Prefecture's Chance to listen to the ear information Chiba Daily Bureau(It seems that you could get off safely by contacting an emergency contact on a mobile phone.)

Current affairs dot com: Professor of Tsukuba touches sexual harassment / female students, retiring during the investigation - Ibaraki(Memo, former professor admits charges)

NEWS | First time offering nostalgic MSX game for Windows Mobile (R) 6 - Release and download sales of limited CD bundle version "EM · ONE α" for e-mobile terminals ~ eMobile(Mobile, "Bocoska Wars" etc. can be enjoyed)

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