Shocking scene where a spider captured a snake

When coming to the company in the morning, it seems that spiders are capturing snakes in the office. It is surprising that the snake has come up in the office itself, but it is surprising that the spider is capturing the snake. People inside the company did not remove it immediately, it seems that the spider was picturing what kind of behavior the spider would behave.

Let's see how spiders surpass snake

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Snake Caught in Spider's Web Photographs

When Tania Robertson who works for an electric company goes to work at a company, I saw a spider next to my desk where snakes are capturing.

The state of spiders and snakes when they witnessed. Did you get bitten by a spider, the snake's stomach has broken and it is red.

It seems that there is no heart or the snake's eyes are crying.

On that day we are wrapping the thread around the snake all day, so on the next day in such a state ...

It has become a miserable appearance at all.

Spiders capturing scorpionsYaSpiders capturing birdsIt seems like you should not look at the spider sweetly.

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