Short movie "The Black Hole

Short movie of content that a salaried worker working until late at night encounters an unexpected event. It is a story that encounters a small black hole that appeared in the office as the title "The Black Hole", but there is a solid story in a short frame, as you begin to see it, I will watch.

Let's see what kind of content it is.

The movie is from the following.
Because the copying machine does not work quite often,

I am irritated and put a copy machine ...

There is a copy paper on which something black is drawn.

I drink coffee and try to place a paper cup ...

It disappeared somewhere.

A paper cup came out of the black circle drawn on the copy machine.

The hero who looks at the paper beside me.

After this, the hero comes up with something. Let's check the ending by playing it from below.
YouTube - The Black Hole

This movie is distributed from WORLD SHORT FILM LABEL and you can see other short movies from "WATCH SHORTS" on the site below.

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